"Reservoir Dogs" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

«Reservoir Dogs» - the first feature film by Quentin Tarantino, which marked the birth of the great director of our time, each new pattern which is a tribute to the old days, when it looks like a modern style discovery. The budget of "Reservoir Dogs" was only 1.2 million dollars, which is a ridiculous amount even by the standards of 1991. This crime film - this is not a new-fangled horror film, shot handheld camera. Not every producer would be able to collect on the set of a huge amount recognized as a veteran and a whole army of future stars. In this story it contains not only long-term signature dialogs from Tarantino, but also chase with gunfire. One of the main instigators of the project was Harvey Keitel , which is not only performed nominally leading role, but Tarantino and helped in the search for funding. "Reservoir Dogs" - is the beginning of a brilliant cooperation and warm friendship veteran actor and a young promising director
So, subject picture refers to a crime boss Joe Cabot (Lawrence Tierney), which gathers into one. a team of six absolutely unknown persons with a difficult past. The task group - the robbery of a jewelry store in a crowded area of ​​the city in the middle of broad daylight. The main condition - no names, no details. But each of the characters is a true professional in his field, so there should be no complications. The whole operation went perfectly well, but at the crucial moment the gang takes to the ring a police ambush. Some way out of dangerous situations the characters are going to find a traitor in their midst.
Mr White . This character embodied on the screen by none other than the already mentioned Harvey Keitel. Mr. White is no longer a young man, but throw the criminal cases he is not fleeced. Amazingly, over the years in such a specific profession, he not only threw the principles of respect for the human person, but also and equally deals with a much younger colleagues, absolutely no bullying nose up. In addition, Mr. White is ready to bear on their shoulders out of bullets wounded comrade, though he sees it for the first and possibly the last time in his life. In some other life, Mr. White would be perfect cop or a family man, but here and now Tarantino he appears as a romantic hero with ideal principles, appeared once in the wrong company. Probably already simply do not have such people with such strong morals in the world of crime, but in "Reservoir Dogs" is a hero Harvey Keitel. And this fact makes the scenario of an order of magnitude deeper.
Mr Blonde . No matter how wonderful no matter White, but Mr. Blonde by Michael Madsen is the most prominent character in the picture. Get ready to meet at first sight with the ordinary criminal figure who seems like not much different from the rest of the gang members. But let him, and he will fully show their insides sadistic, with a special zeal for destroying their pieces of any innocent victim. In relation to the White, Mr. Blonde does not have as much screen time, but in the memory of most viewers it is a bright, Michael Madsen, in perhaps his best role in his career!
Mr Rose . Steve Buscemi was once famous not comedy roles in the cascade of paintings of Adam Sandler, and thanks to sophisticated roles in various dramas, and psychological thrillers. Well, the "Reservoir Dogs" is undoubtedly the jewel in the acting career, where he once again had to play the hero from not closing the mouth and weight memorable dialogues. That only is the opening scene of the picture, in which Buscemi character talks on expediency of the payment of tips for waiters. So Mr. Pink - another undoubted success of Tarantino. Furthermore Pink in the end will be the hero, to whom fate will be more favorable than in the rest of the gang. Well, for the disclosure of details of the Pink Adventure should still familiarize himself with the film so as not to spoil your impression.
Mr Red . Hero Tim Roth practically all timing lay on the floor of the closed warehouse with a bullet through his stomach. One of the best friends of Tarantino, nevertheless, played almost the most important role in the enterprise. All the fun of a red disclosed in a specially inserted flashbacks, which in the course of the narrative, we describe each of the characters. But that's the essence of the character, Tarantino leaves finally, in order to make a plot twist, turns everything upside down!
Mr Brown . The penultimate of the gang members embodied on the screen by none other than himself, Quentin Tarantino. But it is worth noting that the director never exhibited each of his characters played by him in his paintings, to the fore. Mr Brown is present on the screen a few minutes and simply brings the volume of the plot to desired consistency. And besides, a simple man in the street, I think it would be quite nice to see an episode of another familiar face. In addition, the face of the Quentin Tarantino!
Mr Blue by Edward Bunker in importance to the storyline comparable to a hero by Quentin Tarantino. Blue can also be seen just a few minutes, and conversations he had almost none. But inasmuch as the Bunker is a veteran of the good old Hollywood, which time after time enjoying the director, his short appearance in "Reservoir Dogs" is a nice tribute to the genius creators of the past, influenced the world in the future
Tarantino "Reservoir Dogs." - this sealed crime thriller, which is unfolding in the territory of a deserted warehouse. Get ready for endless dialogue with the same director for the obscene language, as well as periodic bouts of violence on the screen, which brilliantly concludes this or that act of painting. Honestly the first half of the tape seemed somewhat delayed, because of the characters in the frame attended a White, Pink and Red wounded. And all their conversations were limited to the injury of the Red. One got the impression that they just pounded the water in a mortar, periodically considering hypothetical traitor, whoever he was. But when the director decided vdatsya the details of the last of his characters, the picture has become more thoughtful and deep, which could not fail to please. Vivid characters - another feature Tarantino, on a par with that dialogue is its trademark. And "Reservoir Dogs" opened this talented filmmaker for us by giving directly all its secrets.
In the year of its release «Reservoir Dogs» did not cash the winner, but later received a cult status. Personally, I do not think this picture the best in the career of Quentin Tarantino, but it shows us that, even with a limited budget, you can give a strong and memorable crime thriller that looks almost perfect in its minimalism. Well, no one has repealed the genius, at least, the selection of the soundtrack, which has always been famous Quentin. Even if you do not appreciate the story, the music of love are required. 70 forever!
8 out of 10

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