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Main emphasis of this article is on the performance of Premier Investments Ltd in the areas of business sustainability and ethical sourcing. This company has a strong background of financial strength. It was listed in the ASX since 15th December, 1987. The company was involved in the business of retail market with import and distribution business with the objective of maximizing growth in capital returns to the stakeholders. The company has the aspiration to take advantage of its professional expertise with strong financial liquidity in the segment of retailing and wholesale business. Presently the company has whole ownership of retail giant Just Group with 25.7% of share in electrical consumer manufacturer Breville Group. The company practices strong corporate governance and the annual report of the company highlights this. Our subjects of discussions are also covered in that annual report which will research with the aim to highlight three objectives of each area with probable measures to accomplish those objectives (Premierinvestments, 2016).

Business Sustainability

Regarding business sustainability of Premier Investments Ltd, the company had declared its stand in the latest Annual Report of 2016. In the report, the main areas of emphasis are People, Community and Environment. The company is committed to a projected objective of long term tenure to deliver sustainable value by the efforts of the management by using the relationship and the resources possessed by the company. In fact, this set objective can guide the company regarding their future behavior towards their stakeholders with the impacts of their activities (Premierinvestments, 2015).


People here depict the internal stakeholders of the organization in the form of employees. The company ahs clear directive towards their human resource management with high level efficiency and professional attitude. Main directives of this objective are attraction and retention of right people, remunerate and award them for their accomplishment, develop them as per their expertise and provide them with workplace safety. The company has huge human resource strength of 7000+ and out of them 90% is female (Ibisworld, 2016).


The company has long tradition of philanthropic support towards the environment with their different brands. Out of them, Peter Alexander and SMIGGLE brands are famous for their value added contribution to the environment. Peter Alexander is working with RSPCA and raised funds over AUD 48,000 towards RSPCA shelters which use to take care of more than 140,000 animals per year on the ground of rescue operation, rehabilitation process and provision of home to the injured, stray or unwanted animals. As a result, this brand is awarded with the acknowledgment of RSPCA Ambassador of these efforts (CapitalCube, 2017).

SMIGGIE brand is also engaged in supporting good number of charities for children on the ground of education. Additionally this brand is instrumental in fund raising process from local as well as overseas sources for sporting events, schools and different events on education. The company had donated for this purpose during the year for over $ 100,000 through own products.


As a sensible stakeholder for the maintenance of environment, the company is engaged in different areas which can ensure environment will have no or less harm from the efforts of the company. The company is engaged in packaging stewardship with the effort to optimize packaging to mitigate environmental effects, to increase the recycling process of packaging materials, commitment to ensure stewardship of product and implementation and following of Sustainable Packaging Guideline as per the international standard. For waste and recycling, the company has extensive program in their stores, Support and Distribution Centers. For effective recycling process, the company has strategic alliance with Orora, who are reckoned as the stalwart of Australian packaging to ensure effective recycling procedures. To ensure energy efficiency, the company is engaged in converting their stores to efficient energy system by installing LED lights (Premierinvestments, 2016).

Ethical Sourcing

To ensure ethical sourcing of raw materials and the workmanship of the products of the company, the company has very transparent and prudent practice through which the external stakeholders can be able to know the basic factors of the products sold from the stores of the company. To ensure ethical sourcing, the company follows the sourcing models direct from factories of the strategic alliance stakeholders and through LI and Fung, who are considered as the biggest global souring company for major retail brands of the company globally acclaimed (Premierinvestments, 2016). Additionally the company has the present practice of sourcing from Asian Countries like India, China, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka and many more. To ensure ethical sourcing the company adheres to the following guidelines:

  • Compliance of legislation of the respective countries
  • Insistence on legal rights of the workers including empowerment of worker and free association
  • Zero tolerance policy for animal cruelty.

The Table



Possible Performance Measures

Business Sustainability

1. People

1. Attraction and Retention

2. Development and recognition

2. Community

1. Philanthropic Support to animal

2. social support to children

3. Environment

1.Packaging Stewardship

2. Energy efficiency

Ethical Sourcing

1.Sourcing Models, policies and principles

1.Sourcing Principles

2. Compliance of legislation of the sourcing countries

2.Ethical Procurement of Raw Materials

1.No sourcing of raw materials originated from animal like rabbit angora

2. no use of raw materials which are ethically not permitted

3. Development of economic condition of the sourcing countries

1. workers’ safety

2. Ensuring minimum wages as per prevailing standard of the country


Above discussion would highlight the performance of Premier Investments Ltd in regard to their efforts towards ensuring business sustainability and ethical sourcing. With the transparent practice, the company is governed with specific objective and possible performance measure to assess their success in the said domains.


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