Research paradigm of the study Essay

This study is focused on the aesthetics of the abandoned theater through photographs using cameras to emphasize the details and information about its history research related to World War II.

Figure 1 shows the research paradigm representation of the study. Research about the study, historical facts and data collection of information. The photograph states the story around the history, including the building of Times Theater, Capitol Theater, Metropolitan Theater, Scala Theater. Photography will be useful to the study and the style used in photographs will have an impact to advocacy of the coffee table book. The researchers will came up with the output, creating a coffee table book to emphasize the chosen neglected and once loved abandoned theaters around the City of Manila.

At the end of the study, the researchers will determine the importance of the coffee table book of the chosen abandoned theater that will be demolished or renovated when the year goes by and people will never know their existence.

Scope and Limitation of the Study

This study will be conducted only in the City of Manila. It will focus on capturing exterior with the different perspective of the following buildings: Times Theater, Capitol Theater, Metropolitan Theater, Scala Theater. Creating photographs in chosen abandoned theaters in the city of Manila that were affected in World War II and have the unusual historical background.

The researchers goal is to prove the importance, creating an evidence of these abandoned theaters when the time that they will be reconstructed or demolished. The researchers will analyze and study the different process of capturing the places which will be suitable for every photographer who is interested in abandoned places. Despite the research aims, there are some unavoidable limitations. First, the research was conducted by Fine Arts graduating students at Far Eastern University-Manila. Therefore, to visit the places will provide a specific month between January to February 2019. The abandoned photography will be conducted in the morning ranging from 8:00 a.m and before 6:00 p.m due to the safety of the researchers.

Second, the limited resources of specialized lenses in conducting this research are also considered as. The study was confined to the responses of the target market. The respondents of the survey are the university students around Manila, who are the Architecture students, Fine Arts students and Tourism students, 18 years old and above both male and female. They will be well-oriented before the survey and the questionnaires will be administered in the month of January 2019.

Delimitation of the Study

Initially, this study will confine itself not outside the city of Manila due to the limited budget for the travel itinerary. Photographs inside the structure or its interior is limited due to the waiting of the approval access. The places, exterior and interior are bit risky. The researchers will not stay long in this places or for limited time only.

The researchers will not go inside without permission from the authority and will only roam around the places with sunrise around 8:00 a.m until around 4:00 p.m but not beyond 6 p.m.

The places are not that safe and so the researchers will not entertain strangers, but only the authority of the buildings. Considering the price of the coffee table book, it will be base, with a fair cost.

Definition of Terms

For better clarification and understanding of the terms related to this study, the following terms are defined operationally:

Abandoned- having been deserted or cast off.

Aperture-an opening, hole or gap.

Building-a structure with a roof and walls. The process of business of constructing something.

Exterior-forming, situated on, or relating to the outside of something.

History- the study of the past as it is described in written documents.

Perspective- a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something, a point of view.

Photography- application and practice of creating images.

Picture-represented in a photograph.

Theater-a building or outdoor area in which play and other dramatic performances are given.

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