Research On Professional Responsibility And Ethics In Accounting Essay


Discuss about the Research on professional responsibility and ethics in accounting.


Strategic and financial implications of the firm reaching its production constraint

The various types of the strategic implications need to be considered as per the development of marketing strategy which has been further considered with the factors such performing marketing analysis, targeting and positioning. Some of the other considerations which needs to be made for the reaching the production constraint has been identified with the making the appropriate marketing mix decisions. These needs to be considered with the various type of the information related to the defining of the product, distribution and promotional tactics. The Strategic and financial implications need to be also considered with understanding how quantity demanded varies in terms of the price. The calculation of the cost needs to be based on the significant assumption related to including the fixed and variable cost associated to the product. The selection to purchase the upgrade to increase the “productive capacity of the Kiewa factory” should be further consider with the number of environmental factors. These factors are likely to evaluate the competitor actions and understanding the legal constraints. Some of the various types of the other considerations for the decision needs to be based on the setting of the pricing objectives. For instances, this needs to be related to the fact whetter the company want to attain the profit maximization, revenue maximization or price stabilization. The determination of the pricing system needs to be further based on the selecting the appropriate pricing method, defining discounts and pricing structure. The increasing of the productive capacity cost considerations needs to be assessed as per the various types of techniques of capital budgeting and then taking the final decision (Jefrey, 2018).

Relevant range in Costing

The relevant range is considered with a specific activity which is bounded by a “minimum and maximum amount”. The designated boundaries carry certain costs which can be expected to be occurring in the future. It needs to be further understood that the outside the relevant range the expenses and the revenues will most likely to fluctuate from the predictable volume. The concept of the appropriate range in budget makes the necessary “assumptions about the relevant range” in which the business is most likely to operate. The relevant range in costing has been based on the range which is close to the present activity with minor modifications. In terms of the cost Accounting the “cost of a product, service, or activity” is most likely to be valid within the relevant range and less valid which is outside the range. In this case, the fixed cost is “likely to remain fixed only within a relevant range of activity”. In addition to this, the volume discounts from the suppliers are only valid for certain purchases volume quantities (Bansal, 2014).

Advice provided about ethics of Daltrey’s actions

Based on the given case Daltrey has certainly made a mistake by making inappropriate adjustments to the fundamental principles which are associated to the professional accountants for the personal gains. These types of the issues account manipulation of the books of accounts. It has been further seen that these issues are difficult to handle “based on the information” and not by the person themselves. There may be significant number of issues which are reasons for this “deviation and leading to ethically wrong tasks most of which might be due to pressure being put by the manager”. The main code of the conduct which needs to be implemented in this case has been identified with “competence, confidentiality, credibility and integrity” (Mehta & Moonat, 2017).

Actions Recommended for Burdon

The main recommendations to Burdon will be handle the case carefully. This needs to be ensured by following a structural approach which has been setup as “provided in APES 110 Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants for the members in business for assisting ethical decision making”. At first Burdon needs to point out the fundamental principle which has been defined in the involved issue. As per the above decision, it is important figure out the affected parties. The next important recommendation has been seen to be associated to the figuring out the procedure for conflict resolutions which exists in the organizations. It needs to be further observed that the actions taken up by Daltrey are incurring losses on account paying bonuses when it was not due. It is also important that the bonus is considered on the operating profit and depreciation included in case of the operating profit (Ahinful et al., 2017).


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