Research On Life And Development Of International Students Essay

Success of International Students


For this writing assignment, I will choose to discuss the success of international students despite their odds. Being an international student, I feel that I can offer some great information regarding this topic, while also adding some information from research. International students undergo several hardships, many of which are left unknow to friends, family, and teachers as well. Most people believe that learning English is the only difficulty faced by these individuals, however, that is certainly not the case at all. Many students experience a wide range of problems including: homesickness, mental health issues, culture shock, adapting issues, and loss of culture. By discussing my personal views and experiences within this topic, I can offer insight and solutions towards alleviating some of these issues.

Most teachers overlook such issues and have no sympathy towards these international students. Whom, in most cases are held accountable the exact same way as native students are. Considerations are not taken for international students, who have a much more difficult time learning from a language other than their first. Not to mention, that native students generally have no family there to support them through such hardships. By explaining these cases, I will not only make teachers aware of these struggles, but also fellow students. Such issues bring much passion to me, because I am directly involved with such circumstances. I feel that international students are not given enough credit for their positions in Universities. I feel that slack should be given to these students who are facing unfavorable odds. By having personal relationship with this topic, I feel that my paper will be both interesting and helpful to my audiences.

These issues may not be very important to those unaffected, however, speaking for international students everywhere, there is certainly issues in current scheme of things. I feel by voicing such concerns, educators can become more lenient with international students. Also, by suggesting fixes to these issues, other international students, like myself, can figure out the best approaches to combating issues such as homesickness and depression. Being that I have strong passion for these topics, I feel that I will be successful in my goals and purpose of this selected topic.

Working Thesis- International students work harder than native students, and despite all odds, are generally quite successful in their education goals.

Plan for the essay:

  • Explain personal relationship with topic
  • Reveal many of the struggles international students face
  • Showcase solutions to such issues
  • Define the importance of this problem
  • Conclude with essay

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