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Outsourcing is a developing concept in organization that has influenced the business model. Outsourcings directly affect firm’s operational activities hence determining organizational performance. The decision to outsource will be based on the cost constraints being faced by the asset managers as they strive to survive the market. Following the highlighted challenges such as poor cleaning, late delivery, high cost of transportation and overall poor organization performance in an organization, steps will be taken to solve the problems. The steps involve engaging with better-qualified and trusted people to provide the services. However, the organization performance because of contribution from outsourcing is still significantly low. The research study will focus on assessing the impact of outsourcing on organizational performance, determine challenges encountered during outsourcing and make recommendations on ways to establish a successful way in outsourcing (Denham, 2010).

This chapter in the study will provide an overview of the methods used to collect and process data. It gives the research design the sample selection methods, size, and data processing.

The study will use both qualitative and quantitative research designs. The combination of the two is also commonly referred to as mixed research. Both methods are applied to help the enhancement of the analysis on data collection from the interested sample. Qualitative will serve to analyze the communicated data while quantitative will focus on the evaluating whether the threshold has been met in data collection. The above-mentioned survey designs will lead to the collection of reliable information by adequately describing the impact of outsourcing on organizational performance (, 2017).

The study that will be implemented will be an exploratory design whereby, it aims to explore new ways of enhancing outsourcing activities and performance.

The study will use interviews, conversations, primary and secondary data. Questionnaires will be the most employed method of data collection, as it will reduce the inconveniences at work hours brought about by the study

Measurement of the dependent variable

The dependent variable in the research will represent performance

Measurement of independent variable

The independent variable in the research will assume the factors that contribute to the performance of the organization.

The study will target one of the big corporations that outsource their non-core activities.

The study will involve all levels of management as well as the rest of the stakeholders in the targeted organization to obtain data.

The study will use interviews, conversations but will mostly focus on questioners to collect data needed for the study. Questioners will be used to obtain important information concerning a population where each item is developed about specific objectives research questions or hypothesis of the study. The questioner is very effective, efficient option as it will be easily administered when working with large population since the response will be made at once (Gatrell, Bierly, and Jensen, 2012).

A preliminary survey or pilot study will be carried out. The pilot study will assist in identify problems that the respondent may encounter in the process and ensure the questions put across are clear to them. This will help to rectify difficulties that may occur. To ensure validity and reliability, the researcher will pretest the questionnaire and supervise the data collection (Hunt, 2011).

Validation and analysis

The validity of the data will be ensured through properly structured questioner content. The data will be valid since it is collected from a primary source. The approval of the questionnaire by the supervisor will give more validation to the research process, and all kinds of ambiguities will be eliminated. Moreover, the data will be collected in bulk and cross-matched to validate the information further the provided information.

From validation, the collected data will be analyzed through the following techniques.

Textual analysis, which will analyze orally, communicated data and statistical analysis that will analyze quantitative and qualitative research (Osman, 2016).

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