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Discuss about the Research and Statistical Methods for Business.


Research Design

In this case study, a cross-sectional design has been chosen in which the researchers have selected 15000 employees out of 69000 employees of Belgian banks. In cross-sectional research design, the researchers have selected the population and created questionnaire in order to understand their viewpoint regarding job satisfaction. The sample was selected randomly, irrespective of age, gender and job type. There are different advantages and disadvantages of this research design. When it comes to advantages, this research design helps to shorten the study time (Bryman, Alan, and Emma 2015). Apart from that, the research budget would be low with this particular design. On the other hand, there are certain disadvantages as well. For instance, the respondents can select random responses, which can affect quality of the outcome negatively.

If longitudinal research design would have been selected, then it would increase the quality of the study in an efficient manner. In this research design, the researchers could able to observe the behavioural changes among the respondents after putting them on a certain situation. The comparison between behavioural changes would help the researchers to derive appropriate research result (Eriksson, P?ivi, and Anne 2015). However, this research design would increase the research budget at high degree. Apart from that, it would take minimum one year to observe the behavioural change among the selected population.

Self –Completed Questionnaire

In this case, a self-completed questionnaire has been created in order to conduct the data collection process. This method is the cheapest process of data collection in which researchers can complete the overall process within a short budget. However, in this case, the researchers have faced a set of problems. In Belgium, a part of population speaks Dutch and another part of population speaks French. Therefore, questionnaires have been created in two languages for which cost of data collection has increased. Apart from that, Dutch people leaving in French population and French people leaving in Dutch population have faced difficulties while giving response to the questions (Baskerville, Richard and Trevor 2016). It prevents the researchers from gathering adequate information from the selected population.

Through self-completed questionnaire process, researchers need to visit every bank physically in order to increase response rate. It potentially increases travelling cost of the researchers. In addition, postal survey process is time consuming and it does not have any specific deadline. As a result, response rate tends to be low through this process. Therefore, researchers had to visit the banks in order to promote theoretical framework of the research. It increases both time and budget for the study (Bazeley 2015). Overall, a self-completed questionnaire has various limitations for which the researchers had to promote importance of the study among the selected population.

Secondary Data

In this case study, primary study has been taken under consideration. Therefore, a sample has been selected from the true population from Belgian Bank Now, it was important to cross check authenticity of the selected population in order to ensure high quality of the study. Therefore, it is important to gather secondary data set from the employers before conducting the data collection process. Here, the secondary dataset are name, language and address of the respondents (Eriksson, P?ivi, and Anne 2015). In this manner, it would be possible to target appropriate population. Here, the Belgian Banks is responsible to provide authentic information about the targeted population.

In order to validate the secondary dataset, the researchers need to communicate with the respondents through the postal communication. In order to validate representativeness, the researchers will manually cross check the data after the data collection process (Baskerville, Richard and Trevor 2016). In this manner, the researcher would be able to conduct filtration of the gathered data in an efficient manner. Before starting the data collection process, the researcher would observe the secondary data in order to ensure that self-completed questionnaire to the appropriate sample.

Sample Size

In this care, 15000 employees of Belgian Bank are selected as sample size. The company employed total 69000 employees from which the sample has been selected. There are various reasons behind the sampling decision. The quality of the research result would be accurate with a bid sample size. However, selecting 69000 employees would increase complexity of the data collection process. It would be difficult to handle large data set while conducting the analysis process. Apart from that, the entire process could be time-consuming and budget of the overall study would be higher.

The researchers had selected the sample randomly and irrespectively of age, gender and job position. The reason behind taking such decision was to reduce biasness of the study result. The aim of the researchers was to obtain accurate research result without any bias response. Therefore, the researchers have selected the sample from various demographic groups and job positions like higher and lower level employees (Bazeley 2015). The advantage of this sample selection is this sample would help the researcher in conducting the study within short time span. On the other hand, disadvantage of this sample size would be low data set, which would affect the data analysis process negatively.

Sampling Method

In this case, a probability sampling method has been taken under consideration. In this manner, the researchers have selected the population randomly from different banks irrespectively from employees of different level. This sampling method would help the researchers to get accurate information from individual employee. The responses would be accurate and would vary based on job characteristics of different employees (Baskerville, Richard and Trevor 2016). Therefore, it would be easy for the researchers to observe satisfaction level of the employees individually. The current sampling method has certain disadvantages such as difficult analysis process. It would be difficult to conduct data filtration, because majority of the respondents may leave certain fields while filling up the self-completed questionnaire.

In order to overcome limitation of this sampling method, the researcher would have selected the population specifically from different job position, age group and gender group. It would help the researchers to get unbiased responses from different group of people.

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