Research And Academic Skills: Required Research Essay


Discuss about the Research and Academic Skills Required Research.


This assessment requires researching a website that could be used for assistance in the academic studies. After conducting an extensive research, the website which has been discovered to be helpful in academic studies is

The main purpose of this assignment is involved with Evidence-based practice and service-based evaluation. The audience associated with this website encompasses researchers, academician, practitioners and students who conduct the studies based on Evidence-based practice and service-based evaluation. There are several types of information that are provided on this website such as practices evidence-based practice, types of evidence, Randomized controlled trials, systematic review, meta-analysis, Quasi-experiments, pre-and post-test studies, service-based evaluation program, providers as evaluators, external evaluation, Developing a culture of evaluation, challenging attitudes to evaluation, need of developing a culture of evaluation, ethics in evaluation, values and principles of ethical conduct, protection of privacy and confidentiality and in the end, examples of evaluation.

The information in this website can be considered academically reliable because it is associated with Child Family Community Australia (CFCA), which is a source of information exchange for researchers, policy makers, practitioners and service providers who are working with the communities, children, and families. It is funded by the government of Australia through the Department of Social services.

This site has been chosen because it will assist in obtaining knowledge regarding evidence-based practice and service-based evaluation which is essential while conducting the studies on evidence-based practice and service-based evaluation.

Yes, I will recommend to my peers because it will assist them in the conduction of studies which requires evidence-based practice and service-based evaluation and will provide a clear understanding in an efficient manner.


Child Family Community Australia. (2016). Publications. [online] Available at: [Accessed 23 Jun. 2016].

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