Research And Academic Skills Essay


Discuss about the Research and Academic Skills.



Google Scholar is a search engine, which is used to search for academic resources and scholarly literature. The main purpose of this academic website is to update the researchers about current progress in their research areas (Hewson and Stewart 2016).
Google Scholar searches for articles, scholarly books and documents, which are also, found in the databases and catalog in the library. It is different from Google as Google searches internet content that is provided by the public.
Students, scholars, professors, teachers and professionals, usually access the search engine (Khabsa and Giles 2014).
I would choose the Google Scholar site as it is a convenient internet research engine that allows to have access to various disciplines and sources such as books, journal articles, and court opinion, and related works of professionals, academic publishers, universities etc.
Now, although the sources available on the website are reliable but the non-availability of the complete version of the articles through Google scholar is an important issue of the website for which the students are encouraged to view the complete articles in the database of the library.
Publishers often prevent the researcher from posting of published version of any article on the internet, free. Therefore, I would recommend this website to my peers may use the academic resources from Google Scholar but the only concern is that it enables the students to read only those articles, which are available to read.

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