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Great and unique Kevin Costner luck at the pictures on 'akvatemu'. He has been a post-apocalyptic 'Water World', repaired the boat and died in the disaster in the 'message in a bottle', now here it was the turn of his hero in the film 'rescuer' brave Ben Randall zholtorotyh train recruits in an elite school scored in the rescue of people in the open sea in any weather and at any time. Ben Randall - a true legend in the narrow world of the rescuers, but after his wife leaves him and killed best friend, it 'ties', but, after deliberation agrees to become a teacher at the school, which he ended up in a broken all records imaginable.
Thus, the appearance in the title role of this kind of film Costner is not a revelation, and its bright images in the above-mentioned 'water' paintings, steel the fact that the actor will not fall face in the dirt and re-enchant the audience with their talent. Which, incidentally, is what happened. 'Reinforced' image of strong muscles and a cold mind men have brought Costner mighty glory, I think you understand what it says about the 'Bodyguard' . Of course, Ben Randall and Frank Farmer - it is absolutely different people, but it was quite interesting to see how Costner creates something new, so that the audience not a spark of his observations and comparisons. And the honor of Kevin Costner, he was able to do it. This role does not become a statistic, and has its own character, emotions, Ben Randall without such film would not have earned its high rating.
But no matter how praise Kevin Costner in the last time, he alone can not succeed 'pulling' of the picture. But colleagues in the shooting area appeared Ashton Kutcher, which is somewhat surprising. Catcher has become hostage to one image - it can once a year to see a romantic comedy in which his characters suffer from love, but then it is still sought. Such uniformity of performance from Catcher a little diluted psychological thriller 'The Butterfly Effect' . Many noted that such role is more to a person aspiring star. Well, perhaps this is the undistinguished fact played in favor of the Catcher, when he was elected to the 'second major role'.
And what happened? And the fact that at the moment this is the most serious and the best role in the Ashton . Deep emotional background, the internal energy, verified and carefully crafted image - it's a job that defines the master aktorstva. Of course, the level of his character drama Jake Fischer yields Carl Bresheru of the 'Men of Honor', but the charisma of execution is still on top. Brilliant role.
Add it also follows that Costner to Kutcher left a great tandem. Rivalry between two strong characters 'greenhorns' and 'seasoned', then grew into a strong friendship and mutual assistance - such a solid performance for a long time was not on the screen
But then again, not only bright play the main actors 'Rescuer' received the highest rating. The presence in the director's chair Andrew Davis, the director of one of the most dynamic film 'Fugitive', forced to believe in the presence of intense action sequences, beautifully set, the haunting eyes of spectators. Such a statement specializes in theaters. The effect is much brighter than just on the TV screen.
In addition, you can find the pluses in the movie script. Ron L. Brinkerhoff hitherto marked only vague 'detoxification', but here he was able to 'alive' to write a few subplots, they do not overlap, making it difficult to understand everything that trying to put into the picture, they go hand in hand, creating a general picture of what is happening, with many small, but such necessary elements.
What, the picture was very strong, memorable, worthwhile viewing and detailing what he saw.
9 of 10

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