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I can think of few films that while watching to arouse empathy, excitement, fear, admiration deeds of heroes who were forced to live along with the characters and feel what they feel. Most often in the film creators are betting on a beautiful picture and powerful special effects, huge budget, well-known actors, at least - to the fascinating story, which would cause the viewer interest to find out what will happen next and what's the end of the story, and even rarer - to feelings and emotions that the film would be called from the audience. The creators of "Saver" bet on the senses, so that the film can not remain indifferent.
noticeable that the director, writer, actors and all other members of the crew team tried very hard to pull off a really good, strong, deep, life movie which would touch the audience for the soul, forcing them to sit in front of TV with a strongly beating heart in anticipation as did the heroes in this dangerous situation, which tests their willpower, their character strength, their morale and their desire to save the lost, the risk of bstvennoy life. Well, well, the crew efforts were not in vain. They managed to make a movie. It has not been removed for the box office, and for the soul, for the heart, for people who are more important than feelings, not beautiful and expensive picture.
How often do we think in everyday regular life that there are people who are strong storm in a hurricane jumping from a helicopter into the icy sea water to rescue sailors in distress, suggesting that perhaps it would be their last jump? How often do we think about the importance of their profession? They risk their lives for someone else, they save others, often painfully. But, alas, they are remembered only when their assistance is required. As Ben said Randall about the sailors: "They think of us just when we they need»
And the whole second scene in the bar for sailors as well as possible reflects the heartache rescuers.. They chose almost the most dangerous work, they constantly risk their lives for the sake of completely innocent people and, moreover, for a small salary, and those whose life is not dependent on their hands, they do not show any of respect. And the first scene in the bar when Jake lashed out with fists on the seaman, defending the honor of his profession so important, is also very strong.
Maybe, "Lifeguard" is packed with pretentious speeches, but these are truthful speech, and the words and actions said and featured in the film, reflect the harsh realities of life saver. And thanks to the operator for the fact that he took the abyss into which swimmers jumping from the helicopter, "their eyes", that is, from the back jumping.
Beautiful picture, special effects, too, in the "rescuers" are present, but they are complementary, make out the idea of ​​the film and serve as a background. Very nice waves were lifted even their essence was transferred:. Pitiless, merciless, icy, awe-inspiring and bringing death
starring famous actors such as Kevin Costner and Ashton Kutcher. Maybe these roles and can not be considered their best, because the film is not so popular, and promoted, but that they are not worse. Everything was played naturally, naturally, truthfully. For them, it was terrible, they were sorry. And the title of the film "Rescue" can be attributed to each of them.
film fully revealed how frightening and dangerous, and at the same time, important profession rescuer. He showed what a value - to save someone else's life. And how terrible to choose who lives and who dies. And it hurts to say "no" to someone who hopes, and does not know how different expectations as to the rescue, because "when God himself dub house to the ground," the only hope for them.
And let the "rescuer" consists of stamps, let it is based on a certain scheme, though not shine with originality, even one episode almost exactly to a tee copied from the "Vertical limit." - this film this does not become worse
And let the film is not collected huge millions at the box office, even if not yet received any awards, but he did not leave, at least me, indifferent and apathetic, but for me the floor more important. Even Hodge success caused joy for him, although he is only a minor character.
Yes, "Lifeguard" is based on US government contracts and is dedicated to the Coast Guard rescuers. Of course, this played a role in the fact that the film was not removed for profit, but for the sake of emotion. It can be reproached for the fact that the Americans in it glorify their own nation, but I will not do it. And what difference does it about Americans? Each country has the Coast Guard would be more in each country are heroes.
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