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Kevin Costner wonderful actor. For his 59 years, he not only starred in over 50 films and, but also went further - started making the movie, where he played himself. He won many awards - both negative ( 'Razzie' in many categories), and positive ( 'Berlin Bear', 'Golden Globe' and 2 'Oscar' for best film and best director in "Dances with Wolves"). Today Kevin Costner famous actor, director and even a musician, and just today, January 18, he is 60 years old! In honor of this event, I decided to see one of my many of his works, and one of my favorite . - 'rescue', Andrew Davis
After the crash, in which Ben Randall lost his entire team, he is sent to teach at a school where trained lifeguards Coast guard. He is a talented swimmer Jake Fischer, who modesty among the students not to take, but nevertheless it is good and his goal is to be the rescuer and be the best. But soon begin training hard, and many students will take off like a bullet out of the pool, but not all. Ben will help Jake to stay, thereby strengthening his will and making him a real lifeguard ...
The director and the team
At the time, Andrew Davies has worked as a screenwriter and the operator and even an actor, but it is more suitable work of the director, is proving his films. 'Savior' - is a new challenge for the director, where you need to show the drama of the picture and the viewer can not think - director coped with his work, showing us a beautiful and atmospheric film, after seeing that it seems like it or documentary or based on real events and actors - real people. The film deserves attention as Andrew Davis, who, in turn, should be commended for this picture
Scenario Ron Brinkerhoff -. A real find for the director. The script has everything you need for this drama - great characters, which are set out in the film very clearly transmitted to the atmosphere, which is very necessary for this genre of movies and of course the script itself, which is not made in haste and for one night, and for several months, and even years, and it gives fruits - the viewer not only watches the film, but feels it, along with the characters living it and plunges into the story of the head . Thus, we face a real and strong script, which is also worthy of praise and awards that the film, unfortunately, have not got.
Cinematography Stephen John more plunges us into the film, thanks to the excellent, live footage, the picture that is picked up correctly, as well as a competent and professional work of the operator who selects a serious approach to this film . And it shows - the operator, as well as the whole team has put his heart and soul into this movie and treated him seriously
In the film, there is a great many areas of music -. Blues, rock, country, soul and R & amp; B. The music is chosen very handy and it sounds the most different moments of the film. Of the most famous compositions there is present the track ' Club Foot ' by British band 'Kasabian', and sounds gentle composition in the final ' Never let go ' from the beautiful Canadian musician Bryan Adams. Also in the film sounds and music by composer Trevor Rabin painting - his tracks are calm, dynamic and at the same time emotional and perfectly suited to the film . If you love good soundtracks, you can get acquainted with the songs in the film
Kevin Costner
remarkable handed nature of his character (Ben Randall). - in his heart only bitterness from the painful memories of what he experienced then, and a few hours before the tragedy and his wife walks out on him, leaving him alone. However, the hero has no choice how to go where it will come in handy craft. And even in spite of that he's a tough and cruel trainer - so it seems at first glance, he wants to make of the newcomers the real masters of their craft, he does not want to break them, but on the contrary - he wants to help gain experience and skills that would help people and in the profession rescuer's worth in the first place. Kevin plays beautifully and accurately and so natural that he wants to believe, but during the scene with a rope at all possible to cry . Excellent work!
Ashton Kutcher
Together with his hero (Jake Fischer) we dive into the story, as if with Jake learn about the craft of rescuers, which this is not an easy job, see what it costs the victims. Ashton's character is not ideal - he likes to relax and have fun, but still knows his worth and it looks crazy, challenging Randall himself! But despite the difference in vozvraste, Fischer and his teacher have a shared tragedy that the hero never forgets, and even made a tattoo in honor of the 'events'. Kutcher plays just fine and there is no doubt that he can win the heart of his fans or female viewers . Perhaps this role - one of the best in the American career ( 'The Butterfly Effect does not count)
Also in the film are personalities like Neal McDonough, Clancy Brown, Brian Geraghty and Sela Ward, who also played beyond all praise. but unlike Kevin and Ashton in the frame get a little less (especially Ward)
'Savior' - it is beautiful, interesting, high-quality, strong and dynamic film that will leave the viewer if not a storm, but at least the river of emotions and make you watch it without stopping, completely immersed in the event . The film has not only excellent work of the director and his team, but also a remarkable cast, blown applause. Thank you for such a great work in creating this film, and very sorry that the picture is not any awards - he deserves better. I'm with a clear conscience recommend this film certainly fans of Kevin Costner and Ashton Kutcher, as well as fans of real, strong and powerful drama!
I take this opportunity once again to congratulate today's birthday and wished him a long life, even more different roles in the work of the actor and more fit and interesting scenarios in the work of the director, all the best to you, Kevin!
Thank you for your attention and enjoy your viewing!

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