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- What makes a man a legend? What he did in his lifetime? Or memories of him? (C)
Andrew Davies, of course, the director who has done a lot for world cinema. His belt, still viewed with great pleasure and have no less success than before. Especially it is worth noting, "The Fugitive" and "A Perfect Murder". Even so, to be honest, I thought that I would see a normal or a bad film. To a large extent, it has affected my skepticism about Kevin Costner. But when viewing and after, I was pleasantly pleased by the fact that I was deeply mistaken. This film can be attributed to that rare category of tapes, which is expected to smaller. But you get a lot. Of course, I liked the movie. And if you do not prevaricate, he really impressed me and has caused a storm of emotions while watching the tape and after. And considering the fact that this seems to me can produce not every tape, to me indisputable quality of the tape on your face. Visually, the film was shot just great. It can safely boast the gorgeous location shooting, which perfectly reflect all the beauty of the surrounding locations. And moments of rescue operations, despite the rather complex conditions for filming and photography in general, is really impressive. Of course, they filmed more than good, and it even added to the severity and stress these scenes. And in moments of training, taken a very "meticulous" (in a good way) and detailed. That familiarizes us complete the process of training and makes us believe in the reality of what is happening on the screen. But the superiority of the picture is not even in the tape. And what it is impregnated. Andrew managed to create a kind of indescribable atmosphere that is completely immersed in what is happening on the screen and causes a huge bouquet of emotions. From what, to watch a movie without any emotion, does not work. Because the film is really removed from the soul and for the soul. The work of director Andrew Davis in the tape, has become for me one of the best in his career and created for me, one of the most beautiful and serious movies that I have ever had the good fortune to see.
The Nowadays, a lot of noble and respectable profession. This film tells the story of a representative of one of them. The film, tells the story of the rescuers, who every day risk their lives in order that others would live. Of course, it is very great respect for these individuals. But the film itself is so detailed and easily opens up their world that manages to discover a lot of new and previously unknown. What makes them even more respect and cause a desire to shake hands at a meeting. Because of such people is really small. They are the personification of courage, strength, courage and dedication. The plot is really great and entertaining not only its linear history, but also by what the picture was getting at. This is one of the rare occasions when one of the audience, after watching the tape carries a separate morality for himself. I just think that the main moral of the tape was that the memory of the dead ones, should not become a burden to carry, and suffering. On the contrary, there should be a stimulus and a source of strength and courage to accomplish great deeds. In this case, this is what led to the protagonists of the profession. The very same story is very rich and interesting. Because, in spite of its relative simplicity, the film is really interesting to watch. Largely thanks to the characters, which are the same as we, ordinary people. From that, what they do and say on the screen, it becomes a kind of reflection of reality and unwittingly makes are imbued with this and empathize with the main characters . Characters Revealed more than good. Features highlight a very strong time when heroes Costner and Kutcher, reveal the soul of the lost comrades. Well, of course, a great final. The result is very tragic. But of course it is, has become a kind of pushing the viewer in the direction of the current tape morality.
K Kevin Costner I'm negative and I think it is not a particularly gifted actor. But here, he really surprised me and impressed. I first saw it, how much he disappeared into his character. Of course, the game is simply gorgeous, and causing most of the emotions experienced while watching the tape. Because of the way it reflects the natural emotions and experiences of the hero on the screen. Ashton Kutcher, not only did not get lost in the background Costner, but also revealed as a very talented and dramatic actor. I have never seen such a major role in its execution, and it is worth noting the fact that he managed just fine. Certainly pleased duet Neal McDonough and the John Hurt . Both actors have made of the secondary characters are very interesting characters tape. A Melissa Sagemiller is not only struck a very natural and compelling game. But also with its beauty. I guess i'm in love ... again
Trevor Rabin -. Certainly one of the most popular composers of me. Because, to him as to anyone else, always manages to amaze with new sound to create great music and store their own unique style. For that, I actually love and appreciate his work. In this tape, turned out "musical" ideological continued, "Remember the Titans" and "Game On someone else's rules." Largely due to the crossing of instruments. Great game on the wind instruments and the violin, an impressive game on the synthesizer and piano, as well as virtuoso electric guitar, has done its job. Music turned out really very rich in a variety of sounds. And this causes a huge bouquet of emotions and managing them throughout the film. In many ways, this is the merit of the magnificent vocals of Lisa Gerrard and Trevor game studio electric guitar, which he honed as a guitarist in the group "Yes".
ideal final picture captions steel consisting of photos of these saviors. Where was the dressing, a brilliant track "Never Let Go" by Trevor Rabin and Bryan Adams . Music is incredibly beautiful. A unique and hoarse voice Brian, of course plunges into a kind of state of mind
-. Dedicated to the men and women, ordinary officers of the Coast Guard of the United States of America. "No matter what others may live" (c)
My assessment
picture 10 of 10
brilliant film about the people who live rescue of people and continue to list Noble professions. Of course, one of the best films I've ever seen. Picture made with the soul and for the soul. Definitely, the tape is worthy of your attention.

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