"Requiem for a Dream" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

I do not know what can be compared to the impression of the «Requiem for a Dream». Fortunately, I did not have to experience such emotions in my life, and other such bands, do not let go even a few days after the show, I know that, too.
In particular, the impression is not pleasant. The film is indeed very scary, especially psychologically. Personally, I see it was hard for a few days I was persecuted depressive association with the film. Scenes frighten and repel ... and yet, the film became a true cult.
«Requiem for a Dream" atypical, non-standard and obstsenten around. He has a particular avant-garde building, sugary installation; even expressionism he netsenzuren too, so it can hardly be put on a par with any other movie, but in spite of this can be found in any of the film-tops. But it seems to me that to evaluate the "Requiem" at any scale is absolutely impossible. No such evaluation criteria for this film, which would coincide with those for which we put a star on kinopoisk. It's just not a film that looks for entertainment, inspiration, or the more relaxing.
This film is about addiction, but no drug. The young director - Darren Aronofsky - shows that the dependence of the dream is much more dangerous than heroin. form precedence over portrayed once again testifies to the fact that the "Requiem for a Dream" - a film director's type. Do not think that Aronofsky is cruel to the audience. In fact, he greatly softened the novel by Hubert Selby Jr.. Disassemble the main idea of ​​the book is difficult, Aronofsky is, not only to understand it, but presented in a much more understandable to the frame.
The first thing that spurred me to the view was dramatic title. I sat watching movies only for the acclaimed title. After the recent conceptualizations of the film (which, incidentally, do not come immediately after the credits), you know that the title is much more accurate than the "top ten". But, of course, for the brilliant name is worth praise of the author of the book. It perfectly reflects the atmosphere and meaning of narrated stories, namely the collapse of four lives.
Everything seems bearable if there is a close and people the slightest hope for the best. But all this seems acceptable exactly as long as the supply of heroin does not end and the days do not turn into animals search for doses for which you are willing to give the last penny out of your pocket, My TV, or turn into a whore. Man forgets all. All that for which he makes his heart to push blood through the veins zatoksikovannuyu - is another dose. Show a desperate condition artificially, in the sense of an actor to play - almost unreal. Of great importance in this case, the losses, of course, the impeccable work of the composer.
Punching on the Internet, "Requiem for a Dream Clint Mansell » Google provides links to the category "Classical Music". Mansell has to flatter what his music. subject to the "Requiem" by Mozart sign.
Despite the fact that the film's soundtrack arrival over the past decade, in the movie it sounds different than in the audio list. Contrary to my expectations, I did not recognize the music, every chord of which was familiar to me. Aronofsky film - it's just a brilliant example of how to interact in the film visual and auditory factor. Music penetrates to the cold more than the terrible pictures. Clint Mansell subtly caught anxiety and tragic stories, so that the correct perception of the film - the unconditional merit of the composer
Background protagonist -. Harold Goldfarb - indicates that increased he, though not rich, but in a happy family, because he loved his parents, educated and not devoid of humanity, as is the case with children, deprived childhood. The source of its tragedy lies well before the first frame. It accounted for only guess that was the reason for this: perhaps early death of his father, and perhaps the hardships of transition age, experienced in poverty. And despite the fact that drugs have dressed it with the student dress in rags and left a mark on the emaciated face, his heart had not yet clouded as the mind. And yet, looking at the decline of his hero, and see the consequences of destructive addiction. His final can neither correct nor compensate.
no less shocking, and the fate of his mother. Sarah Goldfarb - an unhappy widow, abandoned by his grown-up son. The tragedy of her fate is that in contrast to the pipe dream of a carefree and rich life of the young heroes, it does not need much. It would have saved only attention his son, if he was no longer mired in drugs. She has no choice but to jump at an illusory dream -. Get on television and only beloved in the red dress she wore to the prom son
What is slowly digging his own grave, and his dream, and to be buried in it? This is the "Requiem for a Dream": Requiem Mass, a funeral symphony itself
Any dependency from drugs, from TV, from a dream - is equivalent to that of burying yourself alive.. It seems like all the characters are alive, but clearly heard the heart-rending cry of a person through the silent scene, breaking from the inside of a coffin under the soil. And no one will not be such a person in mourning. The scene in the subway - a vivid example of the straight-line attitude of the society to their rogue. This suggests that society throws a handful of earth on the graves of heroes.
moral of the film is much deeper than the surface of dirty scenes. This is not a social advertising against drugs, which many call it. Drugs - not the main evil in the film. They are only harmful means. Instructive and asks in a laconic "On the way to the goal - not all good", but in this phrase - not the whole idea. For me, the significance lies in the fact that the road should never pass through the marshes. He can dodge and unnerve, but it is not necessary to resort to compromises such as "zamaryvaniya hand" and "on the head." Heroes are not to blame that the dream of a better life, of happiness and peace, and that they wanted to get everything at once.
indignation and outrage at the "Requiem for a Dream" is justified, yet the percentage of negative responses is much gives positive. I do not know which side to carry your own. I'm just stating that I have no regrets despite the horror, that looked "Requiem". This is a movie that should be in the experience.
This film is special, and the approach to it requires special. You just need to properly configure the film. My attitude was wrong: I'm ready to see on the screen melodrama about the rejected people, and received a powerful blow to his perception of the world .

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