"Requiem for a Dream" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

More in the unforgettable legendary and immortal giant movie 'The Godfather' protagonist, getting an ultimatum from the mafia, which requires it, as in an authoritative personality 'roof' for the drug trade, said 'We do not want that the powder was in the schools' and the appended effort to somehow confront people who bring death. Let me remind you that Coppola's masterpiece was filmed back in 1972, and his action took place at all in the 40-ies. 'White Death' was invented by a very, very long time, but the true heroin plague swept the world, bringing their riders titanic state and killing the most cruel way hundreds of millions of lives of their victims has fallen by about 90 years, when the 'folly' of the deadly species, despite the elementary bad for all the people in childhood by way of the use of injections into a vein, was the subject of being deceived huge number of mainly young people who want to protest 'fathers' and 'teach' and to declare be on their independence; alluring advertisements unprecedented pleasure, let loose fishers lives for the sake of 'dirty banknotes'; captivated quarter of the city, and it certainly would be possible to suppress as much as possible, if not directly part of politicians and the police in the brutal business.
There is preferable to be a spectator.
It do not stop, I think about parents:
What are they just not have seen:
disappeared from the apartment stereo, video,
Gold, telephones, toasters, coffee makers,
and silverware, and the skin, even when it's hot ...

For ever audience in an unprecedented era of rampant drug addiction, similar, with the aim of clearly and as the more natural you can for a significant effect, and was filmed for theatrical release (scary to imagine what was a massive reaction filled the halls at the sight of such a impressive black character spectacle of defaulting people ), which was attended by actor, known for roles in merry parody comedy - Marlon Wines, impelled to laugh turretless youth on a parody of the criminal drama about the hard life of blacks in black neighborhoods (which, incidentally, is also touched on the theme of 'the needle'), this time took part in is not funny sight that demonstrated almost no 'cuts' the truth about the lives of young people who want to get everything from life, catch a buzz and get rich, that for many is inseparably associated with the drug trade, which with careful implementation of 'business' gave net income without much difficulty, but two inseparable friends and a girl of one of them, standing on the curve of the path, could not resist the personal use of the goods, which do not represent them anything dangerous - as, indeed, and the majority of the disaster victims who have been inspired that the powder is not so Stra . En how he is painted
White ... liquid ... ... spoon flame melts -
stuck ... So, again, all over again
Meet the glow cursing games.
mind ... This is the last time! I swear, Mom!
spasm of despair and in a fit of jealousy,
door off its hinges, for the search of eternity.
... Give over two hundred grams of the charms,
Plus three more with me on the cross . chain
As before, the streets are desperate: this
killed by accident, this accident killed
print Birds are circling above our heads,
and we dream at night to start all over again
we canceled.. rules for playing in the maze,
Our names are titles of sad movies
Losing, take a loan for a rematch,
Instead of having to go on -. without a chance ...

In order to not zatsiklivatsya sya on the dangers of drugs and the three guys associated with it; authors, for more and certainly not too much information, also showed us a man who had destroyed his hitherto simple homely life by the use of tablets, which also promise customers good mood, pleasure and cheerfulness: in the story we see the line mother of one of the two friends, dreaming to shine on the TV screen in your favorite show, for which you must first thoroughly to lose weight. We did not show any benefit from the patient places in hell on earth has received a hospital doctor writing out the old lady what should not have been - it can be understood without seeing the human frame, recalculates the bills, but the details of the characters fall demonstrated so hard that the horror will be even experienced connoisseurs of the genre 'psychological thriller' (by the way, the title of the second chapter of the narrative after the first named 'Summer', is a value like 'Autumn' and 'Fall', in what the author observed intentional promise), then n Astoyan nightmare, as shown in the chapter 'Winter', which can be called nothing but a hellish orgy, which is on the screen takes a few tens of minutes of time, and in the life of this state customers traffickers experience the days and months before the finals, which for many seems like a noose at chandeliers, and only at the 'lucky' as a successful treatment, followed by a strict diet and terrible memories stored by repeated failure.
It so happens always when the day is not lubricated white,
and even the sun in the blue sky I will appear in gray.
And then I but it will not help your rehabilitation centers,
in which even a smile requires monetary compensation.

At the end of 'zero' newspaper wrote that 'the drug trade and left the school entrances, but yet have a lot of work ', but the main character is a successful Russian police television series in 2008 he said: "The drug mafia can not be beat - only possible to monitor and keep in check'. It would seem that people knew that heroin and heroism - antonyms, not synonyms, and this is known by every child that school on the inserted spetslektsii it was told and shown (even if it is not so hard, and naturally, as in this film, designed for a fledgling viewer). But if the victim stopped 'blizzard, which they bring from the south?' The film, which is able to leave a lasting impression viewed horrifying truth of life, may have saved (or maybe now saves) a certain number of people who will serve as a visual material about the dangers of what is forbidden obviously not prudish whims of legislators worldwide. And if so, then this is the main success of the tape and the box office - something about what it is worth to say the least
And that awful -. That such people too much Nowadays, young people find themselves another god
Until total will reach it with him:..
Every second child is now born sick
And what will happen next? I do not even know!
With every day life is getting worse, nastier.
himself grasping at life withered hands.
Do not ask about what will happen to us.

9 out of 10

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