"Requiem for a Dream" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Great joke the founders of "Saturn" award, regarding the film Darren Aronofsky's "Requiem for a Dream", is priceless - a nomination for "Best Horror Film", but when you consider that the "Saturn" specializes in science fiction, the genre can be defined as the "fantastic horror movie". But as you know, every little bit funny joke has some truth. And, indeed, to perceive "Requiem ..." as a drama devoted to the drug problem, would be too one-sided - the film claims to various interpretations. And if you remember the previous film director ( "Pi"), the motives can safely select the desire to show the audience a certain absurdity of what is happening, obsession which drives to madness. But if professional crazy heroes "Pi" and later "The Wrestler" and "Black Swan" is obvious that what is happening in "Requiem for a Dream," has to do with people not professionally formed, townsfolk, Tesha dreams of the future and finding peace in drugs. Drug dependence is a monstrous form, missing and not let go until until life will be thoroughly mutilated, whether it is embodied in the demonic refrigerator, or an alarming growing gangrenous rotten arm. It is important that during depending characters removed from the outside world - it becomes alien and hostile, as the world of math-obsessed or going crazy ballerina. The final touch "with society" really is like a horror movie: a woman out of the house, walking down the street, riding the subway, but if being a closed space, and even direct contact with doctors is held in a closed system one-sided communication. And the police refuse to understand their wards addicts, two issues with the mandatory formal response, "Yes, sir" - whatever they need. But nothing of society perverts giving commands and just observe what is happening, and we are not talking
main feature of the film is the story of separateness of the two main lines:. Young drug addicts, and elderly women. And no complaints there precisely to the line where the tragedy of Sarah Goldfarb, a woman who lost her husband, losing her own son, and finding solace in their own drugs - an old TV that she even chain binds to the son of a drug addict once again not laid this object its one-sided contact with the public. The sudden news that she was invited to participate in the television show fascinates Sarah - way communication will become a full-fledged, it will come in front of millions and tell them about yourself. In fact, this point amazing touching and at the same time very sad, because it is an invitation most likely just a formality, which channel simply forget - he in fact millions of Sar Goldfarb, while for single women it becomes a celebration of life, proving that it existence in this world is not in vain. No wonder the country's leading transmission resembles the lead from the movie "Television Network" film, a harsh critic of the idea of ​​broadcasting. That's our Sarah Goldfarb caught in this network - now it will change lives, according to its values, in which the first place is its only nice "red dress", in which she could not get due to light obesity. The fight against obesity, by the way, is also a very important aspect of the media space in our time, unconsciously demands to be slim and "beautiful" that will completely destroy traditional way of life of this woman, and as a consequence will be, and life itself. Here it is, just the typical story for the film Aronofsky - the desire to shine on the TV screen, with an obsessive attachment to the old red dress, and with him he copes perfectly, though perhaps somewhat repeated
It would seem, then,. as described above - is a separate plot for the film. But to expand the cinematic reality it has a still freaky story. In the trinity white-toothed addicts do not have any particular aspirations and employment, in addition to how to turn life into a series of endless fun, what is it good to help all sorts of banned substances. To say that they had some kind of a dream is far-fetched - they just lived for fun, but there probably is important to perceive the American word "Dream" does not literally "dream", but rather as synonymous with "carelessness" in the bliss which they while they live, and which will soon collapse due to a heap of circumstances, symbolized the consequences of drug use. In general, the plan has roughness allegorical - implications just yet clearly shown in the episodes of Sarah Goldfarb, whose reality disintegrates and is transformed into chaos, at times speeding or otherwise, whereas the young people show more than look the part. Initially perfectly presented that the drug does not harm them, on the contrary, promotes friendship and love, gives life colors - this is their «dream», lives in a dream. However, some disassembly local gangs cause shortage of the drug and all three started breaking in which they ground their teeth are ready to chew, just to get a treasured dose, forgetting about all the values.
Unlike older women, their moral and physical decay just as expected - not so new the story for the film, but perhaps it is the union of the spirit of two unrelated stories displays a "freaky" idea to a new level, where unemployment is an aging man is compared with the not yet fledged young people degradiruyuschi and at a rate rapidly speeding snowball, collecting all the trouble, which only occur in the path, relentlessly and irreversibly. Only when an elderly woman all this really Requiem for a Dream, the latest opportunity to become loved by millions of viewers, for the young people it is only a strong blow of fate, which is still in their hands (well, or in his hand ...). Here Aronofsky really falls into sententiousness Social rollers, very effective, by the way.
This is very unusual film format. It's not even a movie in the traditional sense, but rather a very big movie or music video, still like the first movie, but is transformed into a raging torrent of fate under the recurring motif of musical requiem written by Clint Mansell. Its classic style, and later recognition, allowing even confuse it with melodies of Mozart and Wagner. Moreover, the closer to the finale, "Requiem for a Dream" recalls not even feature films as "silent" documentaries, in which all the sound is presented only as a music that helps to contemplate that demonstrate running footage. And in the end, dominated by music and the visual nature of productions, not plot, no reflection on what is happening, and the contemplation of decline, that can be reached man grabs his dreams (Sarah Goldfarb) or deprived themselves childlike (young people). At the end of the director, fascinated by the brutality of the Fall, still stops anyone without smashing it to pieces - there is still hope to continue life, even if there is no hand, or the patient madhouse, and, of course, it will not be the kind of life that before.

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