"Requiem for a Dream" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Please answer "no", or try to stop ... In pursuit of the mirage, the meaning of life, madness, illusion of his life which is possible and does not exist as such, the reality of shadowy and very capricious lady ...
«drugs -. this is an empty illusion Learning drug kicks in you disappears the meaning of life. Addiction -. Is a perennial delight death » (Francois Mauriac)
What we want, what we can do is choose - which way to go, what goals, dreams, pursue, with the result that expect their existence rather than life, a possible momentary buzz (which can reach 2 ways - or to achieve their desires and make them a reality or a small dose of that for a moment, turn you into a fairytale genie that virtually only performs their desires (illusion), a wonderful but short buzz followed by death ( Otori think will come in the best case, even if brutally) or suffering (worst case) and yet again the death in the end), kicks a dangerous thing, he can give us up to heaven, and at the same time he is able to painful to get involved in our network destiny and until the end of the so-called ghostly life - death, and lo - we have for the world itself does not become (one did not even notice) because in the wonderful company with a dose time passes almost unnoticed, it can only be feeling between the dark moments of drug administration, and which may seem to commit permanently unreal reality, hallucinations, and then a protracted cry and light at the end of the tunnel, I'm sorry but back too late, it's - the end ...
summer, autumn and winter and spring will no longer <. b> Never !!! What it is possible to tell, not everyone can play the role of the rich, beautiful and famous, there must be the dregs of society to the so-called balance of power in the world, someone's bones to live and not to grieve the powers that be, what life is now, in the words Shakespeare «life - theater, and people in it are actors», each plays a personally assigned to a role for him, m ozhet this ghostly shadow of the meaning of life, which again can be broken, succumbing to the temptation to go into any role and kayfovat, kayfovat pleasure that carries 'white sand of happiness'.
Life is short, as it is to live depends on us, or from his Majesty "case", the case of a happy or tragic, where we have this fate will throw, and how we will dispose of it for its search of their dreams, how will achieve the realization of these desires - may depend on ourselves. may
And what we get -. Standard jackpot for the effort and our serious attempt or Requiem for our dream Sadness, grief, fear, despair, but it. the end. «With the help of the drug you can experience everything, but do not understand anything, you do not really feel» (Eric Berne).
film 'Requiem for a Dream' talented and not afraid of the word genius Darren Aronofsky is a clear illustration, the book is sad and life example of where we can lead the pursuit of a fictitious, unnecessary, we dream, where we can lead fool's paradise Obtained using doses in all its forms, that is nowhere in questionable suffering ( «The moment prick not to you was good, but that was not bad, comes very quickly.» < i> (Edith Piaf)) and ghostly madness of our minds or possible for some it's way out of some difficult situations in which we find ourselves against our own will every day, every hour, we have to make the right moves and to resist this dark but sweet side.
Maybe so and maybe not. Who is to decide? I do not know. Perhaps His Majesty «case», is possible by their own choice, to ourselves ...
Maybe it's some kind of philosophical existential human, embodying the spiritual, psycho-emotional originality personality, ability to disobey involuntary and fleeting temptations of our civilization. Again deadlock. Again. Where to look for the vital output and whether it is necessary to look for him, I think go best with the flow of your life (Oh no! Fight!), to accept such their fate, or plunge into the exciting world of temptations, which in this world is very, very much that the choice of options for the way of life is not rich.
terrible but sweeter and more pleasant to the physical perception of the way we show the characters in the film 'Requiem for a dream', which played a very good actors - Ellen Burstyn, Jared Leto (one of those actors who just brilliant pens oploschayutsya in their characters, to recall his role in the movie 'Chapter 27' and other films), Jennifer Connelly (talent, I think Oscar 2001. would have to give it to her), Marlon Wayans (like no dramatic color) is one of them showed us the consequences of the false dreams, false enjoyment, fake craze alien and artificial ideals - to despair, the collapse of identity, the loss of his 'I', to death.
'Requiem for a Dream' this is the film that leaves the viewer in a spin with himself for a long time, it is such examples give us a visual wonder - is it worth the forbidden fruit of the consequences. Affected drug theme gives us a terrible picture of the world, which perhaps we do not notice or do not want to see but which still exists next to us, which God forbid we face, because the output therefrom is practically impossible without losses.
i think it is a film of this type ( 'Trainspotting', 'Traffic', 'Cocaine', 'basketball Diaries', etc.) need to demonstrate to the audience possible to make any conclusions on the basis of something seen, although it is not taken literally, stop to feed the adults, schoolchildren, students, children boring lecture on "No Drugs", "safe sex yes", "no alcohol and smoking! ", show something (rather than later to learn from their own experience or with the criminal chronicle), It is better to see once than hear a hundred times and do for themselves any conclusions than listening chaotic notes idealists -. spender
for the full effect must also be for such films present a special atmosphere permissiveness of his 'ego' first and at the end of mad despair and music which in the film 'Requiem for a Dream' just perfectly complements the overall idea of ​​this picture.
'Requiem for a Dream' is the original film th, he ingeniously simple and at the same time easily digestible to make any conclusions or to stop and think - so why live, what's next, whether going back maybe ... social tragedy, drama, film ' Requiem for a Dream ' cold permeates your entire body and mind, it's just a sweet fear of pleasure and pain. But it is important, while come to their senses and stop, just say 'no' temptation, enjoy a short and suffering too painful, and worse than that moment 'empty of happiness'.
«All drugs - it's a waste of time. They destroy your memory, self-esteem, everything that is connected with samolyubtsem » (Kurt Cobain).
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