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Discuss about the Report Professional Issues Assignment.


Introduction is a recognized and new online news business. Jimmy Olsen, a recent graduate from Griffith University IT joined the news company. Soon after he joined, Jimmy came to know that the story is something different from what is displayed for the rest of the world. Hullaballoo publishes news, most of which are false and self-made. Jimmy was much uncomfortable with this fact that he publishing fake news. At the same time, the job was important for him, so he could not afford to lose it; rather he thought of some other way.


A dilemma is a complicated problem for which there is no simple and evident solution. The best way to deal with such kind of a complicated problem is to simplify it. This can be done by breaking the problem into several managerial factors. EDM or Ethical Decision Model is a all-purpose method for analysis of a complicated situation to disclose a solution. This EDM method involves three major steps. They are analysis, prioritisation and decision.

Analysis of the Hullaballoo case study is done, based on several factors. Every moral and ethical problem or dilemma is a mixture of several extrinsic and intrinsic factors that are needed to be recognized as the necessity of the first step. These factors are as follows:

  1. Legal Factors
  2. Professional Factors
  3. Employment and Social Factors
  4. Personal Factors
  5. Intrinsic Factors

The extrinsic factors are the legal, professional, employment and social and personal factors. The intrinsic factor is an individual’s personal attributes.

Legal factors

Jimmy Olsen is uncomfortable with the job surroundings. He thought of taking steps but at the same time, he needed the job badly; so he was silent and was part of the wrong deed that Hullaballoo was doing. Supporting a wrong act is equal to doing that wrong act. Jimmy should have taken legal steps as soon as he came to know about the fraud case of Hullaballoo. He should have informed the police because after wards, if the fraud case comes in front of public, even Jimmy would be behind bars. He should have taken action in the first step as law always gets priority over the remaining since breaking any law will get into severe trouble, even in prison.

Professional factors

The commitment to Jimmy’s profession should get the first priority over the commitment he has to his employer or boss in the occurrence that his employer requires him to do anything unprofessional. Jimmy Olsen should be loyal to his work place. In this particular case, he is working for an online news business, where Jimmy is put to work customizing Hullaballoo’s website to get people to sign up for a free subscription and receive a daily newsletter or weekly digest. Since, being an ethical individual, it is his duty to stop publishing fake news and adding any kind of impurity to the news. When he is not doing so, he is being unethical to his society.

Employment and Social factors

The organisations or companies that remain in the bigger context of a society are nothing but a product of that society, so there will usually be agreement, at least in principle, between the models of the organisation and those of society. There will be some variations to this in the case of the organisations that remain at the verge of the society, that do not share its conventional models. Jimmy Olsen should consider the social and the employment factors. The social factor for Jimmy is that he is bound to do that unethical job because he has some financial issues. The employment factors that will effect Jimmy are recessions, job growth and the ability to look for other jobs.

Personal factors

A person’s first lesson is always from his family. He can be one of the best person only by the lesson he gets from his family, friends. His upbringing will be a part of his moral development. Jimmy Olsen is feeling uncomfortable after he knew about the fraud case of Hullaballoo, which means his work ethics and moral development are on the right track.

Personal factors are those factors that are acquired from the social constraint they are part of the foster or parent component. Personalities are an amalgamation of the factors, though the grade of each will vary with every individual. Strong-minded unconventional people will be affected by the parent or foster component.

Intrinsic factors

The intrinsic factors include the distinctive range of an individual’s traits; their height of personal goals, moral development, their motivation, their status and position in the society, their self concept; intrinsic factors that were not obtained from their surroundings. Jimmy Olsen’s intrinsic factors are affecting his work ethics. Jimmy Olsen is put to work customizing Hullaballoo’s website to get people to sign up for a free subscription and receive a daily newsletter or weekly digest. His intrinsic factors include his characteristics, his objectives and his motivation.


The making of a table or a list that shows each one of the factor in order of importance assists prioritisation. It can be helpful to include a column that outlines related matters beside each factor. The following table helps to understand the most important to the least important factor.


Related Issue


Publishing fake news


Hullaballoo is publishing false and self-made news.


Positive publicity for clients


Hullaballoo is doing positive publicity for its clients to gain money


Negative publicity for client’s

Competitor (Legal)

Hullaballoo is doing negative publicity for its client’s competitors.


Unethical job


Publishing fake news in unprofessional


Being quiet


Jimmy Olsen is quiet in spite of knowing that it is a wrong deed


Insufficient money

(Social and employment)

Jimmy had some financial issues that stopped him from leaving the job.


No work experience

(Social and employment)

Jimmy was a fresh graduate so after leaving Hullaballoo, finding a job would had been difficult for him.



(Social and employment)

Jimmy had the fear that he might get stuck in recession and will not be able to find a new job.


Family (Personal)

Jimmy wanted to get settled.


Bigger place (Personal)

Jimmy wanted a bigger place to live in


Job satisfaction


Jimmy wanted to be satisfied with his job.


Gather work experience


Jimmy wanted to gather work experience from Hullaballoo.


Director (Intrinsic)

Jimmy wanted to become director

Table 1: Priority List


According to the priority list provided, legal factor is present on the top priority list. Legal action should be taken as soon as possible. Jimmy Olsen should contact police in no less time because publishing fake and self-made news is nothing but a severe crime. Supporting this wrong deed is equal to doing this wrong deed. When Jimmy Olsen is not blowing the whistle, he is supporting this wrong act. The moment Hullaballoo will be exposed in front of the world, even Jimmy will be put behind bars for being a part of this fraud online news business. Hullaballoo is paid for positive publicity of its client and negative publicity of its client’s competitor. Jimmy has noticed that some of the news stories make favorable mention of the same companies who buy advertising with them. He has learned that this practice is called Native Advertising where an advertisement pretends as a news story. Native advertising is largely a response to more and more people using ad blockers on their web browsers. Therefore, the decision that should be taken is taking the help of law or legal authorities.


The factors that affected the Hullaballoo case study are as follows:

  1. Legal Factors
  2. Professional Factors
  3. Social and Employment Factors
  4. Personal Factors
  5. Intrinsic Factors

Legal Factor: Factors 1, 2 and 3 are the legal factors. The legal factor is the most important factor in this case study. An online news business, Hullaballoo is publishing false news or in other words, it is getting paid for positive publicity of its client and negative publicity of its client’s competitor. Jimmy Olsen, a fresh graduate from Griffith University, finds out this truth after getting a job in that news business. Jimmy is quite uncomfortable in publishing fake news but at the same time, he needs this job because of his financial crisis. According to the analysis made in this case study, Jimmy should contact police and take help from legal authorities so that this wrong deed is stopped.

Professional Factor: Factors 4 and 5 are the professional factors. Professional factor is on the second position in the priority list. Work ethics is very important in any kind of job. In this case, the whole job is unethical. According to the analysis made on the case study, Jimmy Olsen is not being professional with his job. He is supporting to the fact that Hullaballoo is publishing false news and doing negative publicity for its client’s competitor and positive publicity for its client. One should be ethical towards his work, else that would be a severe problem for anyone.

Social and Employment Factor: Factors 6. 7 and 8 are the social and employment factors. Social and employment factor is on the third position in the priority list. This factor refers to the society that affects the individual. The social factor for Jimmy Olsen is that he is bound to work in that unethical job environment because of his social life. His social factor refers to the fact he needs that particular job because of his family and financial issues. Employment factor is on the fourth position in the priority list. Recession is an important problem for employment factor. Jimmy Olsen is having second thoughts for leaving this job only because he might not get any other job on this profile. This factor mainly depends on recession and the ability to find new jobs. Jimmy Olsen is still working because of these reasons.

Personal Factor: Factors 9, 10 and 11 are the personal factors. Personal factor refers to the personality and attributes that is grown since childhood from the lesson he got from his friends, family, peer group and relatives. This factor helps to develop work ethics and moral values of an individual. Jimmy Olsen is feeling uncomfortable because of his personal factor. His work ethics and moral development was making him uncomfortable.

Intrinsic Factor: Factors 12 and 13 are the intrinsic factors. Intrinsic factor refers to an individual’s personal traits and attributes. Jimmy Olsen’s range of personal traits, his motivation and his objectives are affecting his work environment. The personal traits are of a unique and distinctive range.

The priority list provided in this case study is based on the most important to least important factors. According to the priority list, legal factor is on the top and intrinsic factor is in the bottom, which means legal factor is the most important factor and intrinsic factor is the least important factor. Legal factor means involving law and legal authority in the case. Involving police in this case is much needed as Hullaballoo is publishing fake news. The second important factor on the list is professional factor. Jimmy Olsen should be ethical towards his profession, which means he should not support publication of fake and false news. The third important factor in this given list is social factor. This factor refers to the society and the social background of Jimmy Olsen. Society plays a significant role in any individual’s life and life style. When a person is not getting all the things he has desired in his life, he will not be satisfied. Same is happening with Jimmy. He is not able to leave that unethical work because of his social life, and his family. The fourth important factor on the priority list is the employment factor. Recession has become a major issue for modern society. People always have a fear to lose their jobs and even if they leave their jobs, will they be able to find to a new suitable job. Similar condition is with Jimmy Olsen. He is scared to leave his job as he is in an ethical dilemma that if he goes against his job, there is a chance he will lose his job and after leaving the job, will he be able to find another job. This moral dilemma and his necessity were stopping him to leave Hullaballoo. The fifth factor on the priority list is the personal factor. An individual gets his first lesson from his family, his friends, his peer group. Jimmy Olsen was feeling disturbed in his work because his moral upbringing was somewhat different from what he is facing in Hullaballoo. The final factor that is the intrinsic factor is somewhat similar to the intrinsic factor. This factor refers to an individual’s attributes and traits. Jimmy Olsen’s personal traits and attributes are affecting his work environment. In spite of being uncomfortable, Jimmy was working in Hullaballoo for the social and employment factors.

After analyzing the whole case study, legal factor is put on the top of the priority list. Unethical job is not permissible especially in the news world. Legal factor refers to the law and legal action taken against any illegal act. Hullaballoo is involved in tremendous illegal act. They are publishing false news. Therefore, legal factor must be kept in the first position in the priority list, even before professional and employment factors. Personal and intrinsic factors are kept in the bottom of the priority list as in work ethics, intrinsic factors are not considered. Personal factors are the last amongst the extrinsic factors.


Therefore, from the above discussion, it can be concluded that Jimmy Olsen is going through an ethical or moral dilemma. is a recognized online news business but Jimmy came to know that they are publishing false and self made news. In spite of knowing that publishing false news is a wrong deed, Jimmy had to support them for his personal issues and necessities. The above report analyzes the case study with several extrinsic and intrinsic factors. The legal, professional, social and employment and personal factors are the extrinsic factors which further have classifications. There are thirteen different classifications given in the extrinsic and intrinsic factors. The report also analyzes the best solution that is to be taken in this particular case. Proper recommendations are further provided for this case study. Supporting a wrong deed is equal to doing such wrong deeds. Whistle should be blown publicly without getting scared, for fraud cases like Hullaballoo.

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