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Write a report on "Burberry Group Plc".



Burberry Group Plc has been taken as the focus company for the report. It is a British organization. BGP or Burberry Group Plc is a Luxury clothing manufacturer. They are operating in the market since 2008. Their motto was to engage the young people in their dreams with the power of creativity behind them. They ventured on the youth power and creativity (Koller 2014).

Figure 1: Burberry London


Burberry Group has three brands under its wing. These are,


Burberry Group Plc manufactures both men and women clothing. They have wonderful collection of kids’ garments too. They have been producing coats and civil jackets for defense individuals and armies. Burberry presents ‘Trench Coat’ to the customers. The company is also specified for providing garments, costumes, and uniforms for aviation units. They manufacture sports garments and jerseys as well (Kontu and Vecchi 2014).

The market of Burberry Group is an ever-expanding area. They cover more than 50 countries with their products. They are operating from more than five hundred stores; the majority of the stores are located in various parts of Britain. They provide designer clothes as well as casual clothes to their clients.

Burberry Group Plc has many competitors. England is a known place for clothing industries; they are having some of the renowned garment brands in the world. Rubicon Retail, Adams Children Ware, Green Woods and Rupert & Berkley are the competitors of Burberry.

Figure 2: Products of Burberry Group Plc

E-commerce/ ERP implementation integrated with ICT

Business intelligence

Business intelligence is a process where the system is depended on data analysis for boosting the form of the company thorough guiding the sales persons and the buyers. They take essential actions for the company. It is having the rediscovering the ideas, decision taking and engaging new rules. It helps to gain knowledge for the customer service.

It includes canalization of samples from different places and it helps to evaluate the information from the data. This software enables the analysis process much better and it allows the users to correlate the data collected from different fields. Data mining process helps to make summary of the analysis from different angles. In the area of customer service, data mining is a necessary tool for analyzing the information regarding the consumers.

Data Warehouse technique

Figure 3: Data Warehouse


It is a collection of organized data. It is used for the action of accessions, sudation and restoring samples for next use. It has numerous variations; they are bibliography, numerical, all-text and pictures. Databases are organized in a manner that can be helpful for Burberry for forming their client service and marketing.

Internet has been a revolution in recent years. It has spread throughout the globe and connecting millions of computer users. Internet is a window that provides linking, sharing and connecting information among the users.

RFID is the short form of Radio Frequency Identification. The device carries the information in the form of radio frequency. It comes in small size and an antenna is used for giving a capacity of around 2000 bytes of data. Burberry uses the device for reading the bar code of the purchasing items by the clients (Larose 2014).

Value Added Network is addressed as VAN. It enables and offers the information sharing option between the partners. It is helpful for keeping the privacy between two or more organizations (Sikka 2013).

EDI or Electronic Data Exchange implies the computer-to-computer data exchange in the organization for supporting the procedure of business.

Figure 4: Internet system

Figure 5: EDI

Issues faced by Burberry during e-commerce/ ERP implementation

  • Space Problem- one of the main implementation problem is space problem. Internet most of the time runs out of space. Therefore, allocation of limited space causes a barrier for organizations. The case is quite similar for Burberry Group too. They also faced similar space related problems. They were unable to publish important information for the customers. The data and information were insufficient some times. The limited space creates problems for the consumers who want more information about the product and services of Burberry (Gupta 2014).
  • Security and privacy- internet is now not a safe tool. It cannot publish information all the time because there are hackers and gamblers are present in internet. The information can be misused. The criminal activities nowadays have become more. Cyber crime is coming as the new mode of crime at a fast rate. The unwanted users can easily copy the information published in a public domain.
  • Transaction related problems- Many times transaction process is failed. Similar things happen for Burberry also. Thousands of transactions are taking place within a second that is why system sometimes face enormous amount of pressure. Transaction process has many steps and to do it minutely it takes a lot of care. The money transferring issues are mostly affected by the damage. The method is time taking for transaction, it is a common problem faced by the producers like Burberry Group (Chong and Chan 2012).

Advantages of the process

  • The process has helped to reduce the standing in the queue system
  • The customers can get accessed to remote stores located in remote areas
  • Marketers offer coupons for the online buying which give access through purchasing procedure by accessing the websites of the sellers. Now the customers can pay through debit card and credit card. Cash back or extra discount can be achieved by paying through card.
  • Now there is no need for physical presence at the time of buying any products. Customers can now order their desired items from the website of the company. Any service can also be ordered in a similar way. It has helped to minimize the time.


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