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This is about my learning on the topic for mobile computing. In the present era, Smartphone and tablets have become a driving force for the high productivity of the employees. The analysis is based on rich base for knowledge and insights associated with consumers, employees and operations (Dihn et al., 2013). It needs to be understood here that it becomes a spark for business as well as services.

Effectiveness of the learning experience

The overall learning from the research says that the future of the business computing is always away from headquarter and slowly moving towards embracing the concept of mobile computing. The main reasons for the study are that I got to learn different kind of possible occurrences and overall discussion among the CIOs also known as chief information officers (Gikas & Grant, 2013). This is for the users to properly or rightly access the corporate with the help of mobile computing on Smartphone and other form of computers.

Usefulness of the learning process

Here, the major focus is on how international economy is little shaky and large firms are actually focusing on the activities for reducing cost and one of the important cost cutting activities involves premises and people. One ways here is that organizations can gain is to decrease regional offices as well as it is also based on getting the staff to work from any part of the world with the help of mobile computing (Weiggel et al., 2015). I understood the concept of working through mobiles since a very long time and while working on long term project, I realized that the advantages are not completely implemented and identified.

Learning process

The learning process is done by using Kolb model for learning which is done through recognizing the activities which help in setting a proper process of lifecyle. These processes are processing and perception. Perception is associated with the way we or an organization take the information and processing is associated with how an organization or we address the information (Rahimi et al., 2014).

The learning process helped in understanding that the demand that is based on accessing the business information as well as its implementation with the help of mobile technologies is surging or based on consumer preferences and there is attitude spill over into the business staff. There is a massive amount of development related to adoption of different technologies worldwide has different business managers wondering on how impact fully position of the company can benefit from such trends (Pejovic & Musolesi, 2015).

Evaluation of learning process

The speed of broadband is increasing and hotspots are becoming a commonplace and with increase amount of communication further implies that data can move from place to another in fast manner. In addition, the concept of mobile video calls along with video conferencing can be doable in a perfect manner. There is no reason to make work from a single office since mobile computing is now help the workers to study in a feasible manner. It seems that many employees working from home can put more efforts and can be more effective since there is lack of interruptions from other employees. In addition, there is also a threat of different kind of terrorism like political terrorism. So a risk management executive in a company will have to ensure that the business continuity is intact and the employees can work flexibly in addition to proper security step taken.

Explanation about the learning

It is important to understand here that the suffering or the loss through assaults can happen at any place like highway network, traffic control system, public transport and bridges. Everything can stop the workforce to work and these costs a lot for organization. The company can create an out of office strategy which helps the company to future proof the business and its continuity. There are number of environmental issues as well and it is important to understand that the concept of global warming is associated with the concept of global wetting however; climate change is associated with crucial impact on patterns of working. There are number of disruption that goes through a lot of natural calamities like hurricane, flood, snowfall and many more. This is why flexible working patterns become even more important and mobile computing is a boon in this case.

Application of learning

It is important to understand here that the unlike early days, many companies in the present time is not taking any haphazard approach towards mobile computing since the approach is so planned by trying different technologies to organize. It is the time to craft a more comprehensive approach from the ground level and to be bold means that right amount of time is taken and it helps in identifying that mobile computing has the power to change the business processes completely.


The overall learning says that the concept of mobile computing makes it crucial to aim on laying a strong foundation to build upon and for this, understanding different devices, mobile commerce and network are some of the projects. The concept of integration, security, designs and analysis are basic for the masters to make sure that such projects can succeed. The mobility drive is part of diverse technologies as a part of agenda for most organizations in the present time. The concept of enterprise mobility is one of the biggest challenges for mobile computing with many challenges. Security is one of the biggest issues and every company has to deal with it on priority basis.


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