Renewable Forms To Generate Electricity Essay

In this world, people need to start using renewable forms to generate electricity other than the sun or wind. For my engineering project, I intend to generate renewable energy by breaking water molecules into oxygen and hydrogen. When needed these substances, oxygen, and hydrogen, produce clean electricity with fuels that can be burnt in devices. The process is complex which means it’ll take up to 10 days to complete.

The objective is analyzing how useful water is as a renewable energy by overlooking how a cobalt catalyst (a substance that increases chemical reaction act without any change whatsoever) helps to form molecular oxygen (Young). Water to fuel to water is a possible solution. This method focuses on water splitting which is when water is split into 2 molecules. These include oxygen and hydrogen.

Thus the understatement of hydrogen fuel cells. Both hydrogen and water with the help of alternative sources (solar) will produce electricity. The solar energy splits the water into a hydrogen cell which led to power an electronic device. Before explaining any further, the goal for renewable energy is creating methods for fuel storage that are sustainable and carbon-based fuels are not allowed. This cycle will be once renewable when the fuels are utilized and the products of waste are captured and reused to form fuel once more.

This project consists of using solar energy to cause water splitting then stored separately in a fuel cell. After the combustion (the process of burning), the water that’s formed can be collected and to remake it has to “split” (Science Buddies). Another possible outcome can be generated by using solids, gas or liquid may be used as the source of power. Energy is all around and easy to generate. It usually generated by heat, light or the movement of objects. This outcome uses hydropower to pick up household objects. Hydropower is the motion of water caused by Earth’s gravitational force, gravity.

A little bit of history about hydropower, it is, in fact, one of the oldest forms of energy since 4000 BC. This experiment will capture the amounts of water needed to generate power. The only flaw with this project is that it only produces small amounts of electricity. The wheel spins, but only generates enough to raise small items. To lift heavier objects more water pressure had been used that means more electricity is being produced. This form of creating electricity is used in the US today. The wheel represents the force of rivers converting into electricity. Later sending it into the electrical grid. An example of renewable energy, the energy that’s continually replenished, is hydropower (Rembac).

The final possible situation I’ll listing would be generating electricity from wastewater. These biofuels (fuel derived from living matter) generate by burning, vaporizing or fermenting leftover plant material, manure and vegetable waste. Technology like this is the microbial fuel cell. This is able to directly generate energy from wastewater. The method has been found successful in labs, the results state that it is very promising.

The technology works like the following. An electrode is put on wastewater, the bacteria begins to slowly begin to grow. It’s capable to generate electricity with the transforming of the organic compounds present. Not only creates electricity but also purifies the water from all the waste, known as useful. Water Institutes work on the fuel cell project and are becoming more intrigued with this project. Improving the model, microbial fuel cell, to generate larger amounts of energy. Finally, the method includes two electrodes, bacteria present in manure and waste in the water, and lastly conducting wire with a light bulb.

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