Remuneration And Performance In The Organisation Essay

Reflect on learnings about remuneration and performance and the different systems and process used in contemporary organisations.


Personal Statement

My name is ( student’s name) I graduated in the year 2016 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Architecture from AZAD University in Iran and am currently at La Trobe University pursuing a Masters in Project Management. I am a highly proactive, hard working and self driven individual with the ability to learn things very quickly. I work well with teams and as a team manager, I strive to motivate the individuals who are under my supervision. Over the years, I have worked in different industries and through the experiences I have obtained a number of important skills that can be implemented within the workplace. My work experience started in 2014 where I worked part time as an Architectural designer for Namanda Architecture Group in Isfahan region of Iran. One of my primary responsibilities was drawing architectural plans and performing this task allowed for me to learn about the importance of paying attention to details in task execution. I also volunteered part in the Children Cancer hospital between the years 2015 to 2016 at Seyedoshoada Hospital. At the hospital I was responsible for assisting the families and visitors of the children who were admitted in the hospital, respond to the requests made by the nurses and accompanying the children while they were in the play area. Executing these tasks enabled me to obtain effective communication skills which are integral for business success. Between the months of October and December I worked as a casual receptionist at First Medical clinic in Bell street. While working here some of my responsibilities include bookkeeping, answering and routing calls, keeping organizational paper works organized, greeting and scheduling visitors and patients and calling the patients to remind them of their importance. These responsibilities helped me to acquire office management skills. Between the months of July and October 2017, I worked as a casual staff at a Caf?, in Templestown Branch where one of my major responsibilities was the provision of daily customer assistance. From my work and education experiences, I have developed skills in Computer usage; I am also bilingual as I can speak in both English and Persian. I have also mastered driving and possess an Australian Drivers License and am a Certified Swedish Massager. From the different responsibilities that I have undertaken throughout my work experiences, one can note that I am a humble individual who is willing to work in any position. It is also evident that I am self driven and capable of working in different environmental situations. The skills I have acquired throughout the years and through my education have helped me to be an all rounded individual capable of working different work environs. My work and education experiences have empowered me to be a well suited candidate for any architectural position.

Remuneration System/s, Processes and Practices

O’Meara Electronics is seeking to shift from its position based remuneration system to a person based remuneration system. Through an analysis of the various operational aspects of O’Meara Electronics it is evident that a significant percentage of management level employees at the organization believe that the position based system is not fare. This is because employees who might not be contributing effectively to the organizations success end up getting more in terms of remuneration than those who contribute a lot to the organization. The forum of the organizations performance management system also revealed that the organization lacks an effective system of evaluating employee performance and hence shifting to an individual based system of remuneration will be significantly challenging for the company. The fact that the organization has a diverse employee base where workers having different skill sets and operating in different areas of the organization. Given the different aspects of the organization, it is logical that the company adopts a remuneration system that is on the basis of employee competence.

Remuneration Practices for Similar Organizations

A review of the remuneration techniques utilized by electronic firm reveals that a significant number of companies use a variety of systems. Some of the most popular remuneration systems that are used by the reviewed organizations include the piece rate system, the time rate system, and single status system. The piece rate system is a remuneration system in which the employees are paid a specific amount on each electronic unit that they produce. The system is highly popular in electronic companies that do not employ an assembly line system of production. The time rate system is largely employed in electronic companies that utilize an assembly line system of production. Under third form of remuneration system the employees are paid based on the hours they spend at work. It was also evident that other similar organizations utilize a position based remuneration system where individuals who occupy high ranks within the organization get paid more than those who do not. It is also evident from an analysis of the manner in which other similar companies conduct their remunerations that most utilize a combination of two or three remunerations. This is largely due to the fact that different remuneration systems have varied pros and cons and by utilizing more than one model organizations are able to offset the cons of one system with the pros of another one.

Consulting with Staff

Staff consultation is an essential aspect of developing of a remuneration system for organizations. The staff members share their ideologies with organizations management and this enables them to make a determination on which system best suits their needs. From the O’Meara Electronics case, it is evident that the organization consults with the stuff on which system is better. Through consultations, the staff get the opportunity to evaluate the different remuneration systems and make a determination on the pros and cons of each system with relation to the various aspects of the organization. The consultation of staff in selecting a system is important as it helps to prevent any form of resistance that employees might have to the various systems. From the case it is evident that through staff inclusion the staff from the various departments highlighted the challenges that are associated with the organizations remuneration system at their level thereby providing room for the development of solutions.

Training and Numerous Practices

Other than staff consultation, another essential aspect of selecting an effective employee remuneration system is level of employee training and their area of specialization within the organization. In most organization employee remuneration is carried out differently based on the training level and skill set of the employees. Workers with higher training level and skill sets tend to receive more remuneration than those without. This is largely due to the fact that the more highly skilled an employee is, the more productive he/she is and as a result the higher the wages he/she gets. From the case it is evident that O’Meara Electronics has employees who specialize in different areas and as a result have varied skill sets. This is reflected in the fact that the organizational is multi-departmental and as a result workers have varied expertise. Therefore through a review of their expertise the organization is able to make a determination on which system is bests suited.

An effective performance management system is largely based on the employees ability to meet organizational set goals or not. To develop an effective performance management system, an organization needs to be able establish performance goals, develop measures of performance reviews and effective performance appraisal systems.

Performance Goals

The performance goals of O’Meara Electronics are largely based on the aim of the organization and what it seeks to achieve. From the case, it is evident that one of the major performance goals of O’Meara Electronics is to increase its profit margins through an increase in productivity and operational efficiency at the production plant. The performance goals of the organization should reflect the goals of the workers.

Performance Reviews

The organization also needs to have an effective strategy for performance review at both an individual level, a departmental level and an organizational level. By being able to effectively evaluate the performance at both this three levels, the organization can make a better determination on individual employee contribution to the organizations operation. There are a number of performance evaluation techniques that the organization can implement one of the most effective technique that relates to the proposed remuneration system is productivity evaluation. By analyzing the individual productivity of an employee an organization is able t make the determination if he is contributing greatly to the organization or not.

Performance Management System

Performance management systems allow for companies to monitor and track the performance of employees at an individual, departmental and organizational level. The systems are usually based on job specific and organizational competencies that should be obtained for efficient job performance. An efficient performance management system is based on 6 key elements namely, the system should be fare and accurate, it should be efficient, it should measure the performance and not focus on the lower limits, decisions of compensation should be based on performance, multiple data sources should be used in the evaluation and formal development on coaching skills should be included in the process.


My supervisor at Namanda Architecture Group recommended that even though I have mastered my skills at a basic level, I need to engage in programs that will help me to further refine my skills especially in leadership and communication. My lecturer from AZAD University recommended that I pursue further education to improve my skill set due to the highly competitive nature of the work place. While working at a Caf?, in Templestown my manager indicated that I have mastered a number of skills that make me a well rounded employee capable of handling different aspects of organizations operation.

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