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The film's protagonist Leonard Shelby (Guy Pearce), an investigator of the insurance company, is looking for the murderer of his wife. The main difficulty lies in the fact that Leonard suffered a serious injury as a result of head and anterograde amnesia can not keep anything in memory for longer than 10 minutes. He constantly have to leave yourself notes, photos and even make a tattoo to remind yourself of people, places and events that can not retain its memory. In the investigation it helps a person nicknamed Teddy (Joe Pantoliano) and the girl Natalie (Carrie-Anne Moss), but if he could trust them
-? «You do not want the truth. You invent myself the truth. " (C)
Christopher Nolan today, needs no introduction. He is a highly paid and respected Hollywood filmmaker, working on blockbusters on shaky line between art house and mainstream. His greatest creations such as "The Dark Knight" and "Inception" - to write his name in the history of world cinema. Trendsetter, forever changed the presentation the audience about how to look at the movie screen comics. A man with an incredible cast of mind and full of fascinating ideas. He is still a lot of achievements in the field of cinema. In its projects willing to invest absolutely any amounts. His very name - the guarantor of success. Enough titer in the trailer of the new painting "From Christopher Nolan," and the film is already doomed to audience interest and expectation. How many directors can boast the same
Today Nolan - master and respected figure in the field of film industry. But at the beginning of zero, it was no one not known director-debutant who shoot semi-amateur, "test" tape (such as his "persecution" thriller). But its also the first big project, Chris immediately turned on his person attention of film critics and journalists who write about movies. His thriller "Remember ..." (filmed on had not yet published the story of his younger brother Jonathan Nolan's "moment the sea"), was warmly received at the premiere held at the International Venice Film Festival. And he went in rent collected nearly $ 40 million (ha ha tell this current Nolan) that for "abstruse" art project without significant stars in caste (well, except for that of the "Trinity" Kerri- Anne Moss) - pretty an impressive result. After the "Remember ..." Nolan stuck for the title of "hope of an independent, American cinema." Many predicted it then great future and the creation of no less than great pictures. And we must pay tribute to the critics, to whom the century, they were right. At least -on account Nolan ...
Of course, many are now looking at him with a smile, and said he had received carte blanche from Hollywood, Chris went to the world of cinema and "died as a director." But this thing is not to have an old man grumbling. Everyone knows that age the most "respectable" academics critics long crossed the mark of sixty, and not as it is not spolzot. A priori, the elderly do not accept large, containing a fascinating, richly watered cool action story. And Chris Dorval to dizzying budgets, not sold his soul to some not-be "catchy Cobra" and "Transformers" .Nolan remained true to himself. His action does not stay in the action scenes, and interesting dialogue, interesting characters and their ideas ...
Already at this picture can be seen on the director, as a master of the non-standard, but discusses his history in its own style. After watching you to ponder details, trying to assemble a puzzle. You remember the scene. And this is a sign of a successful scenario. Many important aspect is the source, rather than technical "bells and whistles" of the picture. Here everything as well as possible in harmony. film operator, a favorite of Nolan, and his constant companion - Wally Pfister. And it says that the tape is removed at a top level. Richly and imaginatively. Fat, color picture goes interspersed with black-and-white frames, which shows the train of thought of the hero. The action of the plot is built backwards, and every time is terminated at that moment, and with which began prior to flash-back. Here such here small, ten-minute flash backlinks whole picture consists of. But watching it is no less, and perhaps even -more interesting than any "normal". In Nolan's talent to entice the viewer and does not let him go until the final credits of another of his masterpiece!
«Remember ..." from the category of those films that you need to look at least twice. I start watching already knew and the construction of the plot and ending. But watch nonetheless was almost boring. I watched as a great character played by Guy Pearce (here, in contrast to the "Iron Man 3", he gave me with his presence on the screen was pleased) is looking for a maniac who raped and killed his wife, and make it so. The hero of "short-term" memory. He remembers everything that was before the tragedy and the blow to the head. And then, just what is happening during the last ten minutes. And that would not get confused and do not forget what he does, the hero leaves for themselves poloroednye pictures and notes on your notepad sheets. Even the most important information he kept vytutairovyvaet on his body. Willpower and the desire of the hero to achieve his goal (in this case -Place), shake the truth. And because the final turn become a hero for this revelation - almost shocking, and for him and for you most everything that happened before that is put upside down. Christopher Nolan has always reserved the sudden beating of brains "trick" to the shock ending of his paintings. And in "Remember", in the words of the hero of the thriller, Val Kilmer Coppola's "Between" -. "The final -uboyny»
I bet this kind of criminal, from the part of the dramatic thriller highest rating, and highly recommend to all those who, some reasons have not yet watched this masterpiece of art-house cinema
10 of 10
-. «If I do not remember nothing, it does not mean that my actions are meaningless." (from)

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