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The role of memory in human life can not be overestimated. Memory and memories stored in its depths - this is our past and relevant to tomorrow; it determines our worldview and our connection with other people and the world ... By and large, the only thing a person has - it's his memories. Therefore, we try to remember. Person, event, feeling happy and sad, sublime and painful - moments, without which life would be incomplete. They are in a heap of yellowed photos from time to time and the dried flower of sweet pea that is embedded between the pages of a dictionary. In older notebooks that hold deposits of numbers, letters and scraps of thoughts, perhaps completely useless and meaningless, but the disturbing memories, and because of such cherished memories
Wash hurts -. It is known to those who at least once forgot. Memory can not be deceived. But it is possible to agree - and this is known by those who happened to forget. Torn pictures, mobile phone numbers are deleted from your contact list, and wrought once on the forearm «Sasha» could easily turn into a «Porridge» . Memory - the most loyal ally. A little bit of willpower and self-hypnosis - and now a year later, standing in front of a mirror, spontaneously think: but what a mess is this? I like and do not eat it at all ... oh yeah ...
The world is the way we remember it; we remember only what we want to remember.
Blessed are the forgetful, for they do not remember his own mistakes. Or whatever ... Some things are better forgotten. Do not you, Lenny
... He wakes up in a hotel room - a pale, haggard, nervous, with a week-long bristles on his sunken cheeks. The first thing he does - frantically remembers who he is, where and what is. It will be done this time and again, dozens of times a day, a week, hundreds of thousands a year, living countless lives in a vain attempt to keep at least something in memory. All his life - is a 15-minute fragments of a crashed at one point, when one of the pick up in his house robbers struck him a blow on the head. Lenny does not know when it was, and did not remember how these people look. But he remembers how his wife cried when those bastards killed her. And he knows exactly what he needed to find someone who has destroyed his life. Therefore, he has so many tattoos. Back, chest, arms ... names, names, facts ... one, two, three ... More papers have - a lot of paperwork, but tattoos are more reliable, because they are always with him. He is absolutely independent, not what others like him, are not short-term memory - oh no. Let them sit yourself in a psychiatric hospital, and he has proven that he is able to live and just like that, every time getting to know yourself again ...
if I knew then, in 2000, after the unexpected success of his first feature film «Remember» < / i>, a young director Christopher Nolan, that after some ten years of his film will cause fierce debates, and he himself will be regarded as something of Goodwin of Oz: someone - the all-powerful sorcerer, and someone - a charlatan that have nothing to do with art. I love Nolan - he's an incorrigible dreamer, like me. And a little artist. And yet - an illusionist. It is an illusion - an unusual, fanciful illusions - most of all resemble his films. They are complex and profound, even if it is not the deep ocean, but rather the depth of the labyrinth formed by the two directed at each other mirrors. Touching upon the deep and interesting topics related to the mysteries of the human subconscious, Nolan at the same time will never be read boring lectures on psychology, teeming with narrow-profile terms. It will guide us through the amazing worlds that seem incomprehensible, but looking back at the very end, we realize that if we had from the outset drawn attention to the fact that, apparently, attention and does not deserve, it would have been quite simple.
«Remember» - the film-repeate, film Kaleidoscope, the details of which will not develop in a smooth image even after the screen goes blank and black field will titres, but a state of stunned after watching not let more long. Questions here are given after having received answers to them, and the end could well be the beginning. Here, as in most movies Nolan, there are no "bad" and "good", and through the film like a red thread is the idea that permeates and subsequent films directed: for no man's worst enemy, than he
However, sometimes there is. feeling that Lenny does not remember anything, except that he does not remember. He is aware of his «rare form of amnesia» and tells others about it, although it barely remembers his own name. In some scenes it is easily guided and without their "tips" on the go remembering what was the notorious 15 minutes ago. And like no blunders, most director's negligence, but on the perception significantly affected.
Along with a sense of layering «Remember», and creates a sense of hopelessness, and at least view it is gradually replacing all the others. From the first minutes, largely due to constantly jump into noir picture begin to feel claustrophobic, stesnonnost as if you are in a glass cage standing in the middle of a busy street. Around full of life, people rush on business, and you're willing to give up everything to become one of them, such as common, but it will never happen, and every time you otstaosh them for 15 minutes. You're just going to depend on the painful tattoos, pieces of paper and a voice recorder, which is not enough to reproduce and 5% normal human life. . A vicious circle from which there is no escape
Remember we can not forget - like that old riddle about the execution can not be pardoned, when we were given the choice of where to put the comma. That's only here there are no choices, and punctuation marks, too. No. And even where there is any other director would stand point, Nolan and it can not be ...
tomas b - amateur cinema complex and just a good man. From me.

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