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Remember '- the second feature film of director-writer Christopher Nolan - expertly engineered' Black film ', where the director manipulates layers of time to show the relationship between memory and truth. The basis of the script became novel, written by the director's brother Jonathan Nolan. The film - an adaptation of the original has become incredibly, and his deliberate inscrutability and vagueness completely justified, as justified frequent repetitions of phrases installation. The entire film was shot in South Carolina.
Leonard Shelby wears expensive clothes refined, drives a late-model 'Jaguar', while living in cheap motels. Despite the fact that he looks like a successful businessman, he had one goal - to find and punish the man who killed his wife. The police are not serious about his suspicions. Leonard investigation is complicated by the fact that he was ill rare form of amnesia. Knowing what had happened to his wife's murder, he can not remember what happened to him 15 minutes ago, where he is, where he is going and why. He seeks the killer of his wife, based on their own feelings, chance meetings, photos, even at the tattoo on your body. He takes pictures at Polaroid, signs them, making the tattoo on your body to associate eluded him reality. Mysterious mystery death of the wife of Leonard allowed unexpectedly.
History Leonard tells poepizodno. One line of Leonard events associated with Natalie and Teddy colored with bright colors, the other line passing beggar in a motel room - black and white
During action movie come and go, new characters, and it seems that they are not important, but it's only because of that. what we know about Leonard less than we think. Why leave it Natalia, to save him or to bring with him the bills. And Teddy friendship at first sight is very suspicious. Maybe Teddy - the police, and can - the real killer, and maybe both at once. And before the end of the film it is impossible to understand why so many victims when perpetrators are much smaller. Why memory is so selective, why she chooses from the minds of only those elements, and how to separate the past from the present, truth and falsehood
' Of course,' Memento '-. Very complicated, psychological, - tells film producer Jennifer Todd - but the stuff is really worth it to take it for him - is unique, it makes us work, it raises the essential problem. We started this project, not only because it causes, but also because it allows the script to address these essential issues '.
Director Christopher Nolan has proven to be the author's solvency serious film' Following '(1999). Todd said: ' We are very willing to work with the director, he is one of those authors who are completely immersed in the story, the creative process, szhivaetsya with their characters - they already see unexpunged film, and know how to make their vision a reality. He was very confident in the success of his experiment and brought to the finish line '
Jonathan Nolan, it was on his novel was made into a film.' Memento 'by Christopher Nolan, I said:' Thriller, as a genre, has become a kind of 90-minute evening of questions and answers, the audience knows all that has happened and what will happen to the hero. The most important question thriller - Who done it (who did it?). Therefore, 'Memento so interesting for the viewer. He asks unusual questions for this genre, we know what will happen in the next episode for the first episode of the film we see him last seconds '
In turn, Nolan confirmed on starring Pierce Moss and Pantoliano, exactly. these characters because of their duality and keeps the emotional intensity of the film. Nolan says: ' Pierce beautifully cope with the role. His personal achievement that he was able to immerse themselves in the role, often standing on the verge of breaking his own psyche, it is amazing effect on the viewer, forcing him to work provokes the viewer to identify with the image on the screen, giving it the emotion of discomfort ' .
' Memento ' - a low-budget film, shooting period took 25 days, it was shot in Altadena, Pasadena and the San Fernando Valley .. ' This is a place with a few ingredients, inexpensive motels perfect came up to us on a plan -. says the director - It was very warm . And the shooting took place is very easy and stress-free '. ' The whole group worked harmoniously on the idea of ​​the director, and it was not noticeable that the movie is actually an experiment ' - noted executive producer Aaron Ryder
special role in the success of the picture Todd laid on top performers. roles. 'Guy just lived this picture'. filming schedule was very tight, and require more concentration of efforts on the group. 'Sometimes they shot at 9 pages of text per shift, it makes the material more impressive, and often seen as the film was shot on the screen. Pierce tried to deeply understand the nature of the character, motivation, communication with the hero of his own memory. 'Guy, we have adopted at once. He had to play the hero and his terrible inner essence '.
Carrie-Anne Moss liked the material, she has done a lot to find a month in smki' Memento'v his busy schedule. ' We were just happy to have got hold of her for the role, and that she genuinely likes the project ' - Todd says. Natalie's image - is very complex, what she - the victim or the killer? The actress had to be both rough and sexy, soft and brutal
' In the image of Teddy, we wanted to combine two elements:. Menacing and comical. And, of course, Pantoliano brilliantly coped with this task. His innate sense of humor, the ability to reincarnation, very strong energy impact on the atmosphere of the film. Joe - a stunning typical artist, and we are very pleased that he believed in our stuff '- Todd says. ' I'm glad I was able to very complex literary material, based on the psychological problems, memory problems, the ratio of each of the past, embody on the screen ' - says the director. Brother Jonathan director, the author of the novel on which the film is set says: ' He - a real filmmaker, the film is not a complex make-up, special effects - just beautiful cinematic images. 'Memento' - a genre film, beautifully told story, this story makes us think who we are really '
8 out of 10.

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