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I think that cinema is designed so that someone just does its job well, it does not matter who and who is doing the work so that the concept of the "great" refers to him. Such an insert can be easily applied to the director Christopher Nolan, which is nothing else as a great director not name. So now he pleases surprising mixture of organic elements of copyright and commercial cinema that produces at the same time clever and entertaining movies. When both in the early days of his career and fully creating entirely auteur cinema, creativity Nolan has been of the highest quality. So this film, I can be called the best film of his career Christopher Nolan . In the first place, of course captivating original way the story with his back to the front. That practically largely repeats the contents of the film "Irreversible" with Monica Bellucci.
's just Nolan and acted a little differently when watching this film, could not help to create an association with his first short film "Doodlebug". Largely due to the indescribable atmosphere that makes the film rather strange, unusual and perhaps even controversial due to emotions. Because here there is no entertainment, no visual techniques of intimidation and even stress. But the film still manages to keep on their toes, and after watching the tape, leaving an inexplicable feeling that creates an indescribable void somewhere in the depths of the soul.
method story narration with his back to the front, black and white pictures of the abuse and the breakdown of tape on the head, in which several segments are repeated, fully reflect the essence of the painting. After all, that is what creates the psihopatalogicheskoe state, which is subject to the protagonist. That already allows not only observe what is happening both conventional film. Rather, have a better chance to experience what they saw. Because the film is really hurt. It is not a thriller and not a militant. But the real paranoid drama that encourages elements of the detective. Allowing deep drop in the human being and at the same time enjoy the tape from both the entertainment project. Though called as a smart and strong entertainment project, I think it's very stupid. Even at the expense of a very impressive entry tape. Where to get used to the unusual development of the plot work out almost immediately. As well as recover from this, after the aligned unexpected finale.
What makes us human? Everyone thinks differently, and many united in the view that makes us human soul. But the creators have decided to show it to the other side. They decided to answer this question memories. What is also true in principle. If you forget how to eat and what food we stop to eat. If we forget about how the parents brought us, then we will turn into animals. That lack of memories of the protagonist turns it into a real killing machine. Although the very end of the tape, Jonathan and Christopher Nolan excellent decided to deceive the audience calling for pity. But really sorry. Lost his beloved wife, trying to find the killer of his wife and not be able to remember not only what is happening in your life, but what you have already avenged. It is safe to say that the story is very strong and is pushing to many hours of philosophical reflection.
And the film itself to fully understand the first time, you get none. Because the creators have given, as it were two answers to what had really happened. Hence, it is not clear whether the hero thus made Sammy and his wife what he said, or his friend the police used it as a machine for killing their enemies? After all, who will be judged incompetent and mentally stable person? I generally like movies that have an open ending and where there is no bold point. This allows you to think out how the final tape, and coming up with a further development of the plot. But in this case, the uncertainty hurts me stories so far. Because, during the whole tape is not possible to determine whether the main characters are bad or good?
because of the presence of such a deep penetration into their personality, they remained a complete mystery. That turns into something even more puzzling, quite originally invented by the creators of the feature story unfolds in the opposite direction. When viewing the already complex tape, it confuses the viewer even more and this, by far the story seems a clever and unique. At least in the final, which was very unexpected and strong. That has been committed as a new beginning of the same vicious circle.
It is safe to say that the film is a one-man show and the perfect leading man led Guy Pearce. Guy Pearce has been my idol was after this film I first saw 10 years ago and when I do not understand what is this film. I can only say that the Pierce got a very complex character, which in the first place, he played terribly convincing, and secondly, quite easily accessible with its complex content. Hence, it is not clear, it is necessary to regret it, or vice versa. Supposedly he or Killer victim? Carrie-Anne Moss, Joe Pantoliano, Mark Boone Junior, Stephen Tobolowsky, Thomas Lennon, Callum Keith Rennie and George Fox have played no less distinctive. Though it allocated a place in the shadow of the character Pierce . Particularly impressed by the latter, which I remember very attractive appearance.
I respect the directors, who are friends and are constantly working with the same people. Friendship Christopher Nolan from the beginning of his career goes on, not only with the operator Wally Pfister, but also with the composer David Dzhulyanom, which he is now replaced by Hans Zimmer . Oh, okay. The fact that only in the fact that this is the best work of his career Julian . One major theme that begins the film, which is worth. The perfect combination of string and wind instruments that produces sound full of pain, drama, a whole bunch of emotions and what is indescribable. From which, as a result in heart creates incredibly heavy feeling.
10 of 10
very intense, mysterious, unusual, unique and quite philosophical detective thriller with elements of drama that pushes not just thinking about what is happening on the screen. But also to reflect as to what morality raised tape. I can only say that I do like the film and it's a real masterpiece, which should see everyone. So do not pull the cat's tail.

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