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«Remember» - the first feature film Christopher Nolan, released for the experimental frame. For the full debut on the big screen, «Remember» - an excellent result. Excellent, even for an experienced director. The film, the main highlight of which was the original filing unpretentious basics of the plot.
On the subject
Leonard Shelby ( Guy Pearce ) moves to the Jaguar and wears an expensive suit that does not It corresponds to a situation in which he finds himself. The fact that Leonard suffers from a rare form of memory loss - anterograde amnesia resulting from trauma. He said he remembers what was before the injury and after it can not long retain the events, people and talk with them. However, he manages to play detective, trying to find someone who raped and killed his wife, and made him an invalid. Finding help him familiar people, tattoos, wearing certain facts about the alleged murderer, and his best friend - a Polaroid camera. With the latest Leonard makes snapshots of people, places, things, signs them and leaves important information on the back of
feature film is in two things
First -.. Is to build a story. The film not only begins with the chronological end, but also served in an unusual way: by segments. They come first film (black and white), or at the end of (color). Color at the same time constructed as follows: a new segment end is connected with the beginning of the old. Thus, the ending of the film show the audience the chronological middle, moreover, make it quite interesting: the black and white part of the film will begin to change color in color, at the same time, when Leonard will be the next picture in order to bring her flowers
. The second feature film - is feeding the seemingly banal and unremarkable plot foundations. Revenge without philosophical subtext - the theme is not the original one, so more and obviously worn out. So, this film was able to perform a difficult task, namely to make the calling of the little interest in something unusual topics. This is certainly the merit of the protagonist. Leonard disease rather unusual and rare, so hackneyed plot parasitizing on it, could be truly original and exciting.
«Remember» of those movies that you want to watch, trying to get into the skin the hero and feel the full weight of his position, which is perfectly transmitted through other characters. They use it for their own purposes (according to the receptionist, even the owner of the hotel, learn about the disease, it is doubly peels), even if you really are trying to help him. Some scenes also clearly reflect the difficulties of his life. Sometimes memory lapses even slightly comical: The Chase ( «. So I'm chasing someone No, he's chasing me.!» ), a bottle of wine in the bathroom, Teddy in the car, and the like. Tattoos on the body without any comments. It is precisely the life of Leonardo and the construction of the film is reflected in the words of the receptionist of the hotel ( Mark Boone Junior ) from the dialogue with our hero:
«... You have everything backwards: you know what you should do further, but do not remember what you have done. I have the opposite »
About the criticism
I want to unsubscribe a few words to refute criticism boring in the style of" Home should be the beginning, the end -. At the end ... ". A considerable number of truly facing the books and films are built not in chronological order, the main thing to maintain the intrigue any cost for this genre. No intrigue - no interest
For those who believe that "the film difficult to perception»
I'm not a prude and I love to watch a variety of movies, never treated with any kind of prejudice was... So «Remember» of those movies that in no case can not be regarded as not in the mood to include head and watch something serious: automatically start to complain about the complexity of the film to understand and to speak for this reason, that the film is bad when it is not. In my memory, really difficult to grasp was the film «Cloud Atlas» .
About the rest
happens that no matter how interesting and original was not a movie, it may still occasionally bores or be a bit tedious. Unfortunately, «Remember» This problem is not spared. Yes, it is interesting and want to know what all will end, but sometimes it begins to seem that the view starts to tighten. The main fault of the problem is (again) two reasons
First -. Black-and-white portion of the film. Much of the plot is based on dialogue and the story itself, it is felt even in dynamic scenes, which shows that the film is not oriented to action. It is in any case not less. The problem is that the black and white part is reduced to a pure dialogue: it does not happen practically nothing but talk on the phone. You start a little weary of the fact that between the more interesting dialogue and scenes, we see the insert with talk on the phone
second -. Acting. I'm not saying that it does not exist or it is terrible. She's just a good background and is not the most interesting images of the characters and overall originality of the film, it really just is not visible. The problem is that the characters and the like are well established: each has its own theme, its own character, and so on - but they all give a template, everything ... even Leonard. It saves only the original disease, without it he is an ordinary consumer "The Avengers", nothing more. Same "avenger" Natalie ( Kerry Ann Moss ), lost a loved one. They both have some features that give their lifestyle, but they do not reach the quality of the film as a whole. Teddy ( Joe Pantoliano ) - the only really causing interest and ambiguous character, which is revealed in the final. As a consequence of all this, the actors simply have nowhere to run wild is good, but a little playfulness Teddy and periodic distraction Leonard still played out quite well in order to strike the eye, and well fit into the character of the heroes
In principle, there is nothing more to assess:. Camerawork, sound part, etc. are enough qualitative level, but not particularly stand out.
Excellent and interesting movie with an intriguing storyline and a good ending. Film, of course, lacks a strong image and a couple of spoons of dynamism, but it remains a quality and miss it is not necessary. Fans Nolan Be sure to view, although I think that very few people will regret spent on «Remember» Time.
9 of 10

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