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The tasks and activities I undertook in my internship were challenging and purposeful. Working as a front desk officer at Island Travel Inn Hotel has defined my career in the hospitality industry. I noticed that the front office made me the public face of the organization because it involves receiving and handling guests during their stay (Lanz, 2017). I turned to be the nerve center of the operations of Island Travel Inn Hotel. Through this internship, I always got an opportunity to interact and serve clients successfully. Interestingly, I managed to grasp the expectations of the clients and the organization based on the guidance of my mentor and colleagues. Without a doubt, I have realized that the front office department encompasses the reservations, guest service offices, reception, executive club, recreational and business center, and operators (Erasmus, 2014). The workers attached to this department provide the impression of the facility to guests. To this effect, I have learned that employees need to display courteous and prompt attitude to the hotel’s guests.

My first-4 weeks as an internship student in various countries in the hospitality industry have given me an outstanding experience. However, my working in the front desk department in Island Travel Inn Hotel, Canada provided me a unique opportunity and exposure. This is because, in this hotel, I took the lead role in executing the guest services. My team executed the best services that created an exceptional experience for all the guests. I give credit to my mentors and colleagues who helped me adjust to this new environment thus upscale my skills in serving clients. I must reiterate that I worked hand-in-hand with my workplace peers and mentor who offered feedback regularly. These worthy peers never let me made mistakes but guided me throughout my cause thus making their support valuable and productive.

My MBA classes proved relevant because most of my classroom knowledge and theory have made me an outstanding person in the hospitality industry. For instance, I had to set my workplace goals, which helped me add value to the Hotel. Team leadership was an important factor in helping achieve my goal because it focused on system understanding training, observation, shadow training, and understand the hotel’s front desk team (Farhan, 2014). I have completely integrated these skills into the internship. Without a doubt, my work at the Island Travel Inn Hotel has proved incredible because it ensured I provided superior customer services thus assuring guests of quality experience. This is part of my core goals and interests, as it opened me new and exciting opportunities. With this experience, I anticipate becoming a forward-thinking and innovative leader. For the first time, I became part of a team who developed a culture that offered workers a rewarding and motivating work environment for Island Travel Inn Hotel to thrive.


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