Reflection-Business Of World University Essay


Write a business report based on the following:
A group of private education institutions around the world has come together to form World University. It is a fully online university where lecturers teach online from any of its campuses to others around the world. Many different courses are offered. Students can sign on any time to study. All interactions with staff are online. Students can even choose which country they graduate from. A student who has studied his entire degree from Australia may choose to graduate from World University USA, as an example.



World university is nothing but an aggregation of private institute under a common roof. This claims to provide service through online mode (Wieling & Hofman, 2017). The university has been designed in such a way that any student can easily take lecture irrespective of this location. Students just need to login to their respective portal to get lectures which is posted by lecturers on a regular interval. With help of this university student can easily study as per their convenience. The university creates a platform where all the interaction with staff members are made through only online mode and no kind of physical interaction is needed. Student are provided with option where they can easily choose the country from which they want to have their graduation degree. The senior management of this world university has made some decision which can easily benefit their business along with providing benefits to students (Croxton, 2014). Decision made by management has easily come up with some problems which can easily affect the business. The management of world university is much concerned about offering large number of services to its students. The main notion of this university is to provide education to large number of students by the help of online platform.

In the coming pages of the report an idea has been provided regarding the world university. After that various kinds of decision made by the management of university has been discussed in details. A list of issues has been discussed with respect to formation of world university. In the end of the report a list of recommendation has been discussed in details with respect to issues in world university.

Idea of world University

The ultimate goal of this university is to have all private bodies to come together and work together under the same roof. The major benefit of this university is to provide education through online mode only (Hammer, 2015). Various students can easily attend lecture from various lecturers according to their convenient time. Various lecturers can easily provide lecture from anywhere round the world. The mode of providing education of this university can be easily considered to be convenient to both staff as well as students. Various staff members of their university can easily communicate among themselves by online mode (Li et al. 2014). Major benefit which the students can achieve is that can easily choose the country from which they want to have their graduation degree. Let us consider an example where a student has studied their entire education from an Australian University then he can easily choose to have his or her graduation degree from World university USA (Allen & Seaman, 2013). In every country or region of the world a World University will be there for the various students. World University claim to offer a large number of opportunities for both the students and university. With the help of this initiative students can easily have their graduation degree from region round the globe. Since this university offers education through online mode student can easily decide their time when they want to study (Wechsler, 2017). World university claims to offer schemes for the benefits of students like loyalty rewards, jobs and other kinds of opportunities.

Decision of management

StudyTogether is well known scheme which is provided by senior management of this university. This reward mainly claims to provide rewards to large number of students towards the university (Yuan, Powell & CETIS, 2013). World university provide opportunities like if a new student is referred by another student regarding admission then that particular student will be rewarded with money in terms of fee for various students to easily take admission. Apart from students for various kinds of referrals and promotion of world university, the management of this university has provided option like agents can hire outside to easily sell the offering to large number of employees (Grebennikov & Shah, 2013). The management of world university works in an efficient for students along with staff members for various kinds of application which is send to the management for being approved within an interval of five minutes. Management is also engaged in have decision regarding non-refundable payment which is made by the student by various mode like credit card or PayPal (Lamb et al. 2015). There are mainly two things which are associated with these courses like e-book and laptop. The e-book and laptop will be used for accessing the website of this university. It is mandatory for student of world university to buy laptop and e-book and they cannot neglect purchasing of these two items. The laptop which is provided by world university is pre-configured and necessary software are sent to student and laptops will be preconfigured with all the necessary software. The software will be provided as per the course which is taken by the student (Wirtz et al. 2013). The senior management of world university have the right to introduce extra courses apart from normal courses. Student who are interested in having extra courses can easily register themselves under this course by a providing a nominal fee for enrolment (Korda, & Itani, 2013). With the help of this strategy student students along with university will be benefitted and world university can also earn some kind of revenue. As a result, both parties will be benefited after the implementation of this process. Social media plays a key role in deciding the future of any business. The management of this university can easily promote their university by the help of social media. Social media is a well-known platform for the promotion of any business as large number of people are engaged in Facebook, LinkedIn and any other kind of social media (Jeong & Khouja, 2013). With the help of social media chances or number of admission in the world university will increase which will ultimately increase its revenue. World university can easily hire agents who can easily provide offers to the employee of this university. This agent can easily promote university by online as well as offline mode and so as a result more students round the globe can be aware of this university and number of admission will increase. This will ultimately save the money of this university as they do not need to pay any kind of extra fee to students as referral money or bonus.

Issues generated

Various kinds of issues can be easily encountered by the decision which is made by the senior management. Management provide option of referral credit for students who takes admission by any reference of existing student (Niranjanamurthy, 2014). On the contrary the management should rectify the scheme in such a way that it should eliminate the cases of fake admission. Some fraud cases may arise as there is no face to face interaction and the whole process or method of communication is only online. The applications are generally approved in less than five minutes which may result in miss approval. The management of world university has set up some kind of rules regarding non-refundable payment like all the payment must be done by the help of credit card or PayPal (Cowen & Tabarrok, 2014). This particular process may result in various issues if the student does not have PayPal account or credit card. Management of this university have set some rules that it is necessary for various students to buy E-book and laptop and add them in their course fee. Now some cases may arise which a student have a laptop then it does not make sense to buy a new laptop as per university guideline by providing extra money. Students can easily install the required software in their own system and they do not need to buy new system (Tess, 2013). The management of this university has created a platform where student needs to pay extra money for extra courses which is offered by various world university. Now the problem can easily arise in which the student to enrol in the course but does not have any money for the course fee. Then this particular model can easily fail to get revenue for this university. And some other kind issues which can be encountered like cases of fake referral. Like many other business platform this university can easily choose for its promotion of their business (Yuan, Powell & CETIS, 2013). Another kinds of problem which can be encountered is that large number of people are there on social media and many kind of spammer can easily affect the business of world university.


From the above discussion it can be easily concluded that this report is all about World university. The university comes up with good initiative for summing all the private institutes around the world on a single platform. This particular university works through online mode and there is no requirement or need of face to face interaction. The university provides a large number of benefits to the large number of students from various regions of the world. Students of this university can easily learn from the lectures which are provided by online mode. This particular university provides the option of having graduation degree from the university of any country. It is totally the choice of student to have graduation degree from the country of their choice. The method involved in this university is online and there is no need of any face to face interaction between student and university. This particular university creates a platform where the student of Russia can easily graduate from London University. This university tend to offer E-books a laptop to large number of student and it is basically a part of course which is offered by them. A loyalty scheme is also provided to students in the cases in which any kind of reference is made by the student for new admission and after the admission the student will be rewarded with credit fee. Social media can be considered to be a well-known platform which comes up with idea of promotion. The university claims to offer extra courses for which the student need to pay extra fee. Apart from this some other kind of issues are also encountered and this issues needs to be eliminated or removed.


World university have also encountered some kind of issues regarding the education which is provided by it. In the above pages of the report some kind of issues are stated by the decision which is offered by management of this organization. Management of this university have made the decision that students can easily refer can another student and for this some extra payment will be provided to the student, so there are some chances of fake referral. To tackle this, issue some online verification process must be there.

Referral money will be paid only when referred student has completed the course under World University. The referral fee is paid by credit card or pay pal. So this university should introduce some new methods other than credit card or PayPal. World university claim to offer e-books and laptops to large number of student which is considered to be good option.

Extra courses are offered by students which is considered to be good option as it can easily help in generating money. On the contrary some cases may arise in which the student does not have enough money for opting the course but he wants to do that particular course. So for those student’s option must be provided like paying the course fee in instalments.

The above stated recommendation can be easily applied to this world university so that its business can easily over the longer period of time. This recommendation can be easily applied in the business of world university which can easily affect their business


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