Reflecting On Wisdom Essay


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Reflecting on Wisdom

Wisdom is known as the ability of thinking and act using common sense, understanding, experience, insight and knowledge (Lorenz et al., 2011). According to Jeste et al., (2010) wisdom is recognized as one of four “cardinal virtue”, it is a habit of performing an action without doing anything wrong. When I look upon my family, friends and teachers, I discovered that the wisest person I ever meet in my life is my father. Wisdom is a virtue that comes through experiences, ability and the hardships. Throughout my life, my father, his morals and hardships inspired me.

I found that wisdom could not be measured by the IQ level of a person (Schmit et al., 2012). I personally feel wisdom is the “actions” that reflects the understanding and knowledge of a person and use of these characteristics in order to lead a healthy and happy life. My father, though he grew older, remains the wisest person I have ever met. I found him wise, because I discovered all of the characteristic of a wise person is present in him. The first characteristic in my father, I admire most is his education level. Though he retired from his work still engaged himself to learn something new. His discipline and patience make him a person who can take any decision with confidence. However, he is not an arrogant person, he is very humble and always listen other’s opinion. I saw him accepting his failure openly and learn something new from his failure. Though he is not a perfect person and make mistakes, I found him always learn from those mistakes, which make him a better person and never make the same mistakes again. He did not just speak about the wise decisions, but he displayed and modeled them. My father has a high academic background. However, throughout my life I observed his lifestyle keenly and found that he is not only a knowledgeable person but he has an insight on different situations of life that we all face. He is the backbone of our family who guide me and other members of our family in every step of our life. Whenever I asked for his guidance to take any decision, he is always present there with his vast knowledge and experiences.

It is hard to evaluate myself to find out which characteristics of a wise person I have developed in me. However, when I looked at myself, I recognized a humble person, who possesses enthusiasm to learn something new and in a better way. As a student, I found my life is full of hurdled. I always try to accept challenges openly and follow my father’s word, who always told me that life is going to be more complicated; therefore, I have to take decisions wisely. Today when I looked at myself, I am a grown up person, who do not feel ashamed to accept failure. I think that failures are the best teachers in life. Whenever I failed in a task, I discover that the situation in turn is helpful to learn how to do the same task in a better way. This step proves as helpful to reach my goal in an easier way. On the other hand, I grew up by following the footsteps of my father; therefore, I learned to maintain discipline. I learned that wise people exercise “self-control.” The self-control is essential to develop a good career. I always found it is beneficial not to be panicked in a demanding situation. Only a wise person can check their temper in a demanding situation by sowing self-control, which in turn is helpful to take decisions in those situations.

However, I am neither a perfect person, nor someone as my father. My father is an ideal person who has wisdom and recognized by others as “wise person.” As a child, I tried to follow my father and develop all of his characteristics. Today, I recognized myself as a humble person. I am also eager to gather knowledge, apart from my academic courses. My teachers recognized me as a studious as well as a disciplined student. However, I failed to develop all of my father’s characteristics. One of the best characteristics my father has is “patience”, which I completely failed to develop. However, I found that being a wise person, it is important to have more patience, than others do. However, I failed to develop this vital characteristic. I think being a student development of patience is important in order to progress in the academic field. Therefore, in the coming years I believe I need to develop patience more fully in the years to come.


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