Redesign Backpacks To Prevent Degenerative Processes In The Spine Of Children Essay

Health problems related to the spine are increasingly common among people of all ages; a part of these are degenerative nature and begins the process at the infancy since at this stage infants have weaker bone structures because they haven’t fully developed yet. One of the factors contributing to this is the school environment, specifically the transportation of school supplies, that when done incorrectly can cause pains in the low back and neck, as well as changes and degenerative processes in the spine in worse cases children can acquire some very serious back ailments.

Based on the literature of this topic that point to the incorrect use of the backpack and the lack of a solution to the problem we formulate the research that will help loads of people in need of help. To develop a new concept of bag for carrying school supplies in a more efficient and painless way. This study is characterized as an exploratory research of product development, and the method used to reach the goal was the redesign technique, trying to develop a backpack shaped vest that distribute the load, putting part of the material on the front and part behind the child’s trunk and helping ease all the stress cause by the heavy weight.

The principle of the redesign is to modify existing products in the market seeking to improve the efficiency, effectiveness and usability of the object which to be sold for good purposes. The development in the new concept of backpack was created from the basic principle of ergonomics in the freight transport making the science of carrying the bag a little more carefree and interesting. From this point, and redesign using techniques developed a concept backpack compiling each part of it in a way that would allow efficiency, effectiveness and user satisfaction but wait there’s more, it was designed to be ergonomically light weight for fast transportation. In developing this backpack were first created two compartments for placement of school supplies, one to stay in front and another to posterior part of trunk.

The next step was to put handles to join these compartments, with comfortable materials and space to wear the backpack through the child’s head, materials is key in this crucial moment since we’re talking about its comfortableness during uses. In the next step were posted two elastic rods on the back of the backpack compartment with Velcro serving as a belt to be fixed in the front compartment (where the other part of the velcro stay) embracing the child’s trunk and thus allowing the two bays are just the trunk. These compartments and parts of the backpack are designed with specific sizes for child anthropometry who would use it. After developing a child was used to test the new concept.

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