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The goals of Reconstruction had been to unite the nation, reconstruct the Southern, and protect and help the freedmen. Although there ended up being initial success, Reconstruction had been a deep failing as Redeemer Governments created racist rules therefore the KKK terrorized freedmen.

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Andrew Johnson utilized the 10% Arrange Lincoln proposed to reunite the southern states with all the North.

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10% Arrange, Wade-Davis Bill, Andrew Johnson, 13th Amendment

Topic Sentence 2

The creation of Freedmens Bureau assisted rebuild the south, also, protect and help blacks.

Second Paragraph Terms

Freedmens Bureau, 14th and 15th Amendments, Union League, Woman's Loyal League, Unique Field purchase No. 15, Reconstruction Act

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Topic Sentence 3

Reconstruction failed in protecting blacks and limited their governmental and financial possibilities.

Wade-Davis Bill

pocket vetoed by Lincoln, proposed by Congress, 50% commitment to be readmitted

!0per cent Plan

Johnson used to reunite the nation, required 10per cent of loyalty for state to be readmitted to the US

13th Amendment

freed the slaves

Andrew Johnson

disenfranchised voters, and pardoned southerners from Civil War crimes


instantly seemed because of their families divided during slavery

Freedmen's Bureau

attemptedto offer meals, clothing, and medicine to freedmen, but was just able to successfully provide education

Women's Loyal League

supplied materials for females to help in war

Union League

governmental club for blacks, gave blacks chance to be elected into workplace

14th Amendment

gave blacks civil legal rights

fifteenth Amendment

black colored voting liberties

Special Field Purchase No. 15

promised freed slaves land, couldn't work

threatened and intimidated blacks

Redeemer governments

created racist rules, had more energy after Reconstruction Act ended

Black codes

freedmen couldn't rent or possess land causing sharecroppers

Jim Crow Laws

developed literacy tests, and a poll taxation, to limit blacks from voting but created the grandfather clause therefore poor whites could vote

Reconstruction Act

Divide the south into five parts and sent troops every single area, protected freedmen


Northerners whom stumbled on Southern and attemptedto begin companies, killed by KKK


individuals who supported the North during the civil war, assaulted by KKK not killed


freedmen worked on previous owners land, and got a tiny portion of their own, constantly in debt could never keep

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