Reading Response On The Film The Notebook Directed By Nick Cassavetes Essay

The film “The Notebook” Directed by Nick Cassavetes, shows that love can bring people together, long-term. I feel connected to the theme of this film through forgiveness and love, through an intimate and passionate relationship that experiences many ups and downs, which helped to shape their relationship and who the characters were as people.

This film made me feel connected through the forgiveness and love that Noah expressed for Allie. He continued to love her although she had left as well as having no clue where she was or what she was doing. Noah continued to love her even though she had fallen involve with another man. Noah showed that he still cared for her as he wrote letters to Allie but never expected a response. Noah expressed his forgiveness to Allie when she returned, as he was still loved her and was still willing to do anything for her, this is portrayed in the scene when they are on the lake surrounded by ducks, she showed Allie what he thought was beautiful and that he had never shared that with anyone else. Noah was determined for Allie to stay in the house that he had built her many years before, so she could decide if she wanted to be with him or not. Noah wanted to show Allie that he was able to make her happy even though he had no money. This movie was inspiring and uplifting because of how dedicated Noah was to Allie. Noah had completely renovated a house for when Allie returned home. He did this so she would feel special and beautiful any way he could. Noah thought that he could beat her fiancé and win her back, by showing her how much he cared and how he knew more than she had thought he knew. This is shown in the scene where Allie wakes up to a set of paints swell as a canvas that has a note on it reading “paint me something beautiful”. Allie was stunned as he remembered that she had a love for painting. As the time went on Allie fell deeper and deeper in love with Noah, due to her visit coming to an end she knew that she just didn’t love her fiancé the way that she loved Noah. Even though Allie’s fiancé was rich and that he matched her lifestyle more, Allie did not care about the money all she wanted was Noah and she was willing to risk anything for them to be together.

This film taught me that love is much more than roses and chocolates, it is much deeper and meaningful. Love is about willing to go to extreme lengths to show your love for that person and that you will love them no matter their financial status of the condition they are in. Later on, in Allie’s life she develops Alzheimer and ends up living in a retirement home, this did not stop the love Noah had for Allie. Noah wanted Allie to remember the love that they had for each other and he was going to go to any lengths to make sure she knew how much he loved her and how much she loved him. Noah wrote about their love story with extreme detail so that she would remember every detail of their love, and that he could read it to her if she forgot. The most dramatic scene in this film was when Allie snuck into Noah’s room in the nursery. When she got into Noah’s room she grabbed his hand and told him that she remembers. This had shown Noah that all the effort he had put in to help her to remember had paid off. The next morning the nurses found that Noah and Allie had passed away, but they were still holding hands. This scene was extremely powerful and brought me to tears, it made me feel many different emotions all at once. I was sad, due to the way that the movie had ended, and that she kept forgetting about her one true love die to her condition. I was also happy, because of how much they had gone through in their relationship that they had managed to love each other right through till their last breaths.

In conclusion, this film really touched my heart, watching someone wholeheartedly show so much love, even though the ups and the downs of their relationship. This kind of love is rare to find, and nowadays in our society, this kind of love is extremely hard to find. Some people often think that love is having something in return, and this quote it really summarizes the true meaning of how love should be “Love means to love which is unlovable, or it is no virtue at all; forgiving means to pardon that which is unforgivable, or it is no virtue at all; and to hope means hoping when things are hopeless, or it is no virtue at all.”

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