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Discuss about the Readiness Measures Of Success.



This is ameditationon one’s personalitycoupled with the willingness to learn more about their nature, kernel and purpose. It is important in that it enables a person to pause from life’s rush and think about what is really important, what truly matters (Winterrowd et al, 2016). They develop better goals for their lives and may come up with a strategy to achieve them. In addition, the person is able to understand more clearly about their strengths, weaknesses and emotions.


  • I have an advantage of access to a good education.
  • I have skills in Mathematics, Economics, Finance, Agriculture and Business Management.
  • The people around me say I do very well in my studies and career building.
  • My psychological capital includes discipline and tranquility even while I am under pressure which enables me to make good decisions without rushing.
  • Other people view me as someone who is independent both financially and psychologically which they admire especially because I am still young.
  • I am most proud of my investment and business capabilities.
  • I strongly believe in discipline and hard work.


  • I am an introvert which sometimes portrays me as being selfish or anti-social since I tend to avoid social gatherings like parties. I also have a short temper. These two weaknesses are visible to other people as well.
  • I am quite confident in my education although am better in some sections like management than I am in others such as agriculture.
  • I am often disorganized especially when I have too much work. Sometimes I set priorities that are exclusively financially oriented that I neglect self-care.
  • Public speaking makes me very uncomfortable and this could definitely hold me back in my career.


  • I can incorporate my skills to create opportunities in writing ang even teaching.
  • Being in the midst of transformation, humanized big data and automation have a huge role to play in the business world. To take advantage of this, I can incorporate automated equipment in my business to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of its operations.
  • The business industry is very competitive and will continue to be so in the future. It is therefore important to create new networks every so often and have an open mind to learn every day.
  • I would do better if I worked on my anger issues and public speaking.


  • Competition is the greatest obstacle in business. In order to ensure success, I always keep an eye on my competitors, ensure I offer quality products at fair prices while at the same time warranting some profit to secure my future in the industry.
  • My job changes every day and sometimes it is hard to keep up with the flow especially technology-wise due to the costs incurred in installing a new technology or improving an existing one.
  • Weaknesses such as fear of public speaking, if not addressed, can cause disorderliness in the organization since employees may not get clear instructions due to delegation of this task.

My Personal Strategy


Mypersonal life mission is to become a wealthy business person and create as many jobs for the world as possible. I am determined to continue working very hard, being disciplined and focus better on my success.To achieve all my objectives, I have to grab all learning opportunities that come up every day and invest in upcoming technology which is an almost sure bet for success in business. Working on strengthening my weakness is another undertaking that is an important step to success as it hinders competitors from taking advantage.


My plan is to grow my current small business into a vast enterprise where I can be able to acquire other small businesses for diversification. By so doing, I will not only be helping the financially but I will also be allowing them free time to focus on other activities that they deem important. For these small business owners, I will be offering learning opportunities on business tips in an attempt to understand why they wanted to sell out their business and help them figure out what else would be best for them to do considering their talents and skills. I am also planning to expand it to other countries in the world to reach out to as many people as possible (Hayes et al, 2014).


Diversification is an approach I plan to use as a risk management strategy. Investing in a single venture is a very dangerous move because one could lose all their currency in case of failure (Wahi, A.K., 2016). Diversifying my investment will also enable me to help more people and meet the needs of so many others (clients).

Another strategy I plan to use in my quest for success in business is product differentiation. This will enable me to have a comparative advantage over my competitors since my products will be improved both in quality and in packaging. They will also be designed in accordance with customer needsin order to increase the customer base.

Measures Of Success

The measures of success in my business are:


My business is profit oriented and therefore would close down if it cannot fund its own operations since there are no outside sources of capital, unlike charity organizations. I focus on selling my products at prices that are fair both to my clients and myself.

Customer Retention:

I plan to retain every customer that walks through my doors in search for my services (Jouny-Rivier et al, 2017). There is no existence of a business without clients and therefore forming strong relationships with them to ensure they keep coming is one of the most essential steps an organization can make in guaranteeing its success. I also listen to all my clients’ comments, whether they are compliments or criticisms. I believe the saying that the customer is always right is true and therefore I take their criticism as stepping stones for business development (Morgan, J.Q. and Morphis, C., 2017).

Personal Satisfaction

At the end of the day, this is all that really matters. The feeling of contentment that I have done my best and achieved want I wanted. This feeling coupled with the success of the people that I have helped, is priceless.


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