Read me books and bookboard Essay

This report described the profits of two popular apps (Bookboard, Kinderman, and Read me books), which have been launched in January 2012, and evaluated the data. It recommended that Reed me books app should be a subsidiary of Bookboard app.

Jones (2018) stated in his article ‘3D app sees profits soar’ that Bookboard had faced obvious obstacles during its success story although it is extremely popular now. The overall profits of the app had increased sharply since 2012. When Australian bookseller launched the original 2-D app, the profits started to fall from a beginning point of a half million to $250",000 because of the global economic downturn. Then the profits was a slight growth for $50",000 in January 2015, but it had been declined to $200",000 because the Australian bookseller was influenced by the immensely high Australian dollar in the next year. In January 2016, a new marketing strategy was started which was using a famous celebrity at a television advertisement that targeted at grade school children. As result of that, the profits had considerably soared, and it were limited to $1.1 million in July 2016. To confirm that, CEO Michael Collins (2018, cited in Jones 2018) reported that “our advertising was very successful we used a celebrity to endorse our app”. Even though the campaign was ended in July 2016, they have been preserved the increase in profits at a slower and smaller rate, and it is currently reached $1.5 million. Collins claimed that they predict that a new 3-D app will cause a rapid surge in sales despite the competing with other applications.

Smith’s (2018) graph showed the annual sales of the app Read me books since its launched in 2012. The overall sales has risen dramatically. The profits were increased to a half million in July 2012, then the sales remained stable until January 2013 due to stagnation economic. However, the economy recovered and growth which led to rise the profits to one million in January 2014. The government promoted the app resulted in a dramatic increase to two million in January 2015. However, the sales dropped significantly and back again to one million in January 2016 a result of ending the government contract. Then they use internet advertising which caused a slight rise to 1",250",000 in the next year. When a competitive app was released, the sales gradually grew to around 1",300",00 until January 2018. They expect the profits will continue to increase at a same rate.

In summary, Jones’ article stated that Bookboard is a popular app despite their failure at the beginning of releasing it which caused a decline of the sales. They have depended on the advertising to rise their sales which was happened. In contrast, Smith’s graph showed that the significant growth and decrease was caused by the government promotion which was ended in the end despite the rapid and substantial increase in profits.

Read me books app is recommended that it should be a subsidiary of Bookboard app.

There will be a significant surge in sales of Bookboard app which has claimed after they launched their new 3-D app. Therefore, if Reed me books app be a subsidiary of Bookboard app, it could increase its sales too.

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