"Rashomon (1950)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Rasmeon 'first film by Akira Kurosawa, with whom I was fortunate enough to meet. This is truly a masterpiece painting, the painting of Japanese life, a life of ancient samuraevskoy era. Picture painted is not black and white colors, and a storm of emotions.
Like any masterpiece to see this movie you need to look into every detail and go beyond the scope of the film.
title of the film 'Rashomon' is not accidental, it has a role in this film. 'Rashomon' - this is the gate that stood in the southern end of the city's main avenues in the ancient Japanese capital Nara and Kyoto. On the opposite (northern) end of the avenue stood Suzaku Gate - main entrance to the imperial residence. By the XII century gate derelict and become unsafe place, who had a bad name haven of thieves and robbers. The structure of the gate left corpses and abandoned children. Legend has it that the gate served as the abode of the demon Ibaraki Doji.
turns out, already in the title of the film director gives us to understand that it is not through the main entrance to the Imperial this film the audience will comprehend mysteries of the human soul, that is, not through superficial examination of images and analysis of human benefactors, and look into the most secret, that part which is not subject to any of us, in those depths of the soul, where does evil, the missing part of the soul.
At the very beginning of the film in front of us appear three characters : monk, a woodcutter and a man hiding from the rain. All three of these people tried to understand and to find out where the same is true in the stories that they have heard. The murder of men and rape the women. Passed judgment on which appeared the killer and the woman abused. During the testimony of people each giving conflicting evidence of the crime. Yet who bears the blame for such a terrible crime
first version version appears robber - killer: In his story, he appears as a noble thief, for whom honor and courage beyond life. The woman who pleased him, he wants to get without the shedding of blood in the presence of her husband as a sign of his strength in front of him. And he killed a man only on the basis of saving the honor of the girl in an equal fight to free themselves from the ropes of her husband. He's mad, but he is strong, intelligent, brave and noble
second version appears the girl version:. In her story, the reason of the crime she sees herself, pure untouched virgin with gentle disposition and a bright soul. Upon learning that her husband was ill, she rushed to help him making his way through the forest in their bright robes. But her husband was bound and she was deceived, but she did not give up the thief and voluntarily resigned his whims. She bravely fought to the last with him with a dagger in his hand, and when it ran out of strength, the robber took it. And after everything that happened wife saw in the eyes of her husband's contempt for her, in the eyes of the man who left her at the mercy of this monster. Contempt and doubt in its purity for it is akin to death, and she asks her to kill
third version of what is happening has been described on the face of the spirit of the murdered husband. His noble samurai cunning tied a robber, and then talk with their beguile them dearly beloved wife, who I move in the shower betrayed husband. He after a long mourning his position and lost honor made hara-kiri.
history data expressed with the words of the main actors of the crime, but they are so want to appear in their stories benefactors, who find themselves in a stalemate, that all they spake, It is a lie. Each of them had to do with the other person ate their vices, their callous little soul. Each of them wanted only to save his belly, not your soul.
All that we hear of the fourth version of the incident, told the woodcutter, who was an unwitting witness to what is happening. But can we trust this person, if the circle lies and nothing but lies?
Fall of the human soul against the backdrop of overwhelming and continuous rain, which by the end of the film ceases to pour. Rain - it is a symbol of purification of the human soul. So in this film at the end of the rain author gives hope to the world, and the monk in his face, which is a small, but still hope and faith in the bright side of humanity
Conclusion:. This film is designed for true connoisseurs of "smart" movie. Black and white colors combined extensive palette of emotions and feelings. There is no need to search for the heroic battles of samurai and skillful use of the sword, the battle in the film take place in people's minds. A wonderful selection of actors and their great game, an intriguing scenario alarming besets the music and well traced details samuraevskoy ancient Japan.
9 out of 10

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