Randy love Essay


Randy love was born quite unexpectedly, considering his mother had planned for two kids and after that go back to working. That way, once she and her husband, John, got old, they would leave two stable and grown people.

Randy is self-centered, full of ego, ready to achieve his dreams, no matter what it takes and a complete go getter. Randy faced quite a handful of hardships when he decided to b on his own. He had to depend on almost everyone he met so as to make it in life. He would depend on you until when he felt that he has to move on and leave like a thief with no absolute goodbye. At a point he had to learn to interact with his fellow colleagues and friends and actually live in peace with people without always thinking about himself.

I liked the point where randy decided to depend on himself and earn his own money, pay his own bills, without being pesty and actually ask for life advice from Michael, his dad’s friend. It was nice to see the once spoilt brat taking responsibility of each and every of his actions. I felt bad that Randy’s mother passed away when he was such a young kid. Though at the end he turned out quite the responsible young gentleman. He got a taste of the real outside world, not the one he was used to at home, where he would get anything he asked for. He actually learnt to work for whatever he wanted.

I would rate this book 3 out of 4 [good], it was exceptionally published with no mistakes, be it grammatical or publishing, at all. It describes the real life; harsh and lovely, sweet and bitter loving tough hateful; full of complete opposites that complete each other.

This book is most suitable for college students, senior high school students and generally all the young adults. I loved the fact that it’s not explicit. You actually enjoy reading it with a little sauce here and there. It is also good when it comes to building one’s vocabulary and English reading skills.

The author has managed to capture the reader’s mind and attention fully without having to force it out of them. It is totally addictive till the end. It is not predictable, you are left to marvel at the turn of events and also gives the reader the chance to want to know about how it will end up.

I would recommend any other person interested in reading to do so in a heartbeat. I totally love it.

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