Randy love at your service Essay

Randy is an indecisive man who has trouble focusing on a subject or activity for long periods of time. Whether it is his work life and constantly switching from one part-time or seasonal job to another, or his personal life and never keeping a woman for long, Randy cant seem to devote himself to anything or make himself stick it through to the end. Much to his parent's chagrin, ever since he was a young boy he had this trait and no matter how much time passed he also never lost it. Randy Love at Your Service by Shay Carter follows him as he drifts aimlessly through his life. Picking up jobs and women alike only to give up and quit both after a short time. Randy has a long road ahead of him if he wants to become a better, and more responsible, adult.

The ending of the book has a bit of an open to speculation feel. Randy seems to be determined to be a better person after a talk with his sister. He admits to and fixes a mistake he made with a girl he cared about, whether or not he holds to that determination remains to be seen. The ending is leaning toward him having learned his lesson and not going back to how he was previously. We would need a second book to be completely sure, though. I give this book a 3 out of 4-star review. While it was an immensely funny book with an interesting plotline, it wasn't really centered around romance like the genre hints at. I would've liked to see more of him sticking with the relationship and possibly a glimpse of a few years down the line where he is still with Nicky.

I absolutely loved the humor! My two favorite parts were the dog scene at the beginning of the book and later the ' lamped' scene. I won't reveal any more for fear of spoiling it but you will know what scenes I'm talking about when you read them. Randy is written to have a very charismatic personality, and he uses that to his best gain throughout the book, making sarcastic and dry quips that had me gripping my sides from laughter more than once.

The only thing I didn’t like about the book was what I already mentioned above, the genre isn't quite right for the book. It could've stood to have a little more intimacy but even without it, the book was still good. The grammar and spelling were also well done which always makes a good read an even better one.

I recommend this book to anyone who wants a good laugh or just a story of fixing oneself. I don’t recommend this to anyone who is looking for a straight romance book, as I previously explained that is not this one. If you like sarcastic humor though, you will love the main character and enjoy reading his story.

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