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Initially, Raymond should have been more friendly and welcoming, that from the very first look at the scenario represents only one actor in his image - Jack Nicholson. Offer this actor failed, but it has opened up to Raymond, who won an Oscar, Raymond named Dustin Hoffman.
Neponyatitsy long time continued with the directors. Many who have taken or would like to take up shooting this picture, but only until 1987 finally in this position established by Barry Levinson, who immediately has at its disposal all the achievements Spielberg for 'Rain Man', one of the most cash, talented and successful actors Hollywood - Dustin Hoffman and rising star Tom Cruise, noted by this time in the Oscar-winning 'best shooter' (though Oscar was obtained only for the soundtrack) and the comedy drama 'Risky business', a game which was even nominated for' Olot Globe ', but eventually lost his Michael Caine. In general, the prerequisites to become a great movie in the 'Rain Man' was rife.
film from the first frame shows all the charm of color film of the 20th century, as evidenced by a joyful and rousing song that plays during his titles in beginning: The Belle Stars - Iko. This solution dilutes the dramatic meaning of the painting, trying to move the viewer into the world of Charlie Bebbeta, novice businessman, engaged in buying \ selling high-priced collectible cars. The time when you are more concerned with their own careers, money, when you have not yet managed to learn the full value of the entire family and joy. This is one of the main goals of the film. Charlie, who is sent, ostensibly for his own father's funeral, and in fact, to get any part of a huge inheritance of his father, it is completely otvegnutym them. I have exactly Roses, roses certainly I - repeated hero Tom Cruise, trying to hide a tremendous share of frustration and contempt for his father. However, Charlie, all was not lost! He learns that his will leaves all 3 million mentally ill, as well as the autistic brother Charlie - Raymond. Trying to get custody of his brother, a businessman literally steals it from the hospital. Charlie also meets a girl, Suzanne, whose role in the film is very high. In fact, it begins the struggle between two characters: affectionate and responsive Suzanne vain against Charlie Bebbita. And the cause of all these contradictions became Raymond, who lived in his own world, and which, it would seem, does not care what was happening before his eyes, but not in his mind.
easy maneuvering between joy and suffering (the good image of Raymond lets do it) Levinson brings us to the basic idea works: the discovery of a huge potential audience of love, which is the heart of every person, whether completely devoid of reason crazy or arrogant dengolyub. Topical problem of all generations of mankind, which appears in 'Rain Man' with a new look, fascinating, exciting, and most importantly, clearly demonstrating the appearance of the same one true love in a hero Tom Cruise.
Zasmatrivayas mini-masterpieces performed by the game Hoffman you can accidentally forget about the others, invited to perform roles in this film the actors. And this work, as, no matter how trying Cruz put the soul in its role as Dustin failed. But this work was carried out quite soundly, which can be easily perceived as successful. Vzhivshis as actors until the last frame will not allow themselves liberties is not what come out of them, but simply 'look the other way'! Sophisticated audience will be interesting to look at the shops seizures Hoffman and arrogance in the face expression Cruz, when suddenly the story, from the first time may not seem too appealing.
Although the plot in 'Rain Man' there is absolutely no loopholes. An excellent script written by Barry Myurraem and Ronald Bass, captivates from the very first scene. General theme with autism, which rose sharply in the society in the twentieth century, of a kind, unique and brilliant. It provides, first of all, neschislimoe number of opportunities for the director in the words of the emotional states of the characters. And if you combine autism with love .. Reflections on this subject may well take an avid film fans, from which is derived: a success story
But do not forget that autism - a disease primarily! People suffer, suffer and how to cool Hoffman showed autistic forget that he is sick, it is not necessary in any case ..

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