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Do not have long to reflect on the theme of why the 'Rain Man' Barry Levinson was the film loved by many viewers around the world, unconditionally it was in the ranks of world cinema classics and collected during his rolled a very impressive box office. In the first place, the picture is very accessible to any category of the audience, whether it's demanding fans of art-house and mainstream lowly lovers. The film is addressed to everyone.
popular presentation director Barry Levinson thoughts on par with having a deep and meaningful story, compliance with the ratio of the balance for the entire duration of the narrative, and provides extremely easy perception of the film. The idea of ​​'Rain Man', despite some of its innocence is clear and close for each person is a search for understanding among people, who are united by ties of kinship, as well as search the corners of his soul had not previously noticed by the light side of nature. Watch how each minute spent with his brother autistic, cynical and extremely selfish young businessman Charlie Babbitt amenable Raymond inadvertently have a positive impact, gives a pleasure.
Charlie Babbitt, of himself had not expected such a change, with surprise He realizes that he is not indifferent to family ties, and childhood memories suddenly start to get to Charlie's special value. Bright transformation of the universal values ​​of the young hero portrayed by Barry Levinson and very carefully dosed with uneven Sustained throughout the timekeeping picture director reveals in detail to the audience all the spiritual changes taking place with Charlie.
difficult, emotional time consuming multi-step development of close familial relationship between Charlie and Raymond Barry Levinson wisely concluded in stylistic form of 'road movie'. Due to such a visual form of the story the story is perceived very directly, but at the same time very vividly imprinted in the memory of the spectator as one of the most moving and controversial cinematic history of brotherly love. The magnificent camera operator John Strength effectively accompanies the heroes all the way on the roads of the American states in the old-fashioned, but the rarity father's Buick, which became heroes for certain starting point, the starting symbol for the resurrection of the lost on many years of family values.
serious Accent director on the creation of a psychologically exact images of the main characters perfectly side by side with a good and funny to tears humor, sharp corners difficult stages of development of relations between predictability in owl Shai actions Charlie and autistic thinking Raymond successfully smoothed absolutely entertaining, but not least, attention-grabbing scenes with characters attempt to "break the bank" in one of the casinos in Las Vegas. In connection with this picture of "Rain Man" is an excellent product competent synthesis incarnation on the screen of serious subjects and demonstrate visually exciting spectacle.
I agree with the majority opinion that this film is a compelling benefit performance Dustin Hoffman, a brilliant actor, jeweler exactly to embody the image of his hero. Hoffman played with inspiration, he literally lives the role, its leading position in the film actor is not even disputed by any of his colleagues. However, when the entire uniformity of images created in Tom Cruise movies, Hollywood handsome very organic Babbitt as Charlie. Without claiming to be a lot, Cruz complements spectacular solo Dustin Hoffman, played well on the contrasts of two different images, the film adds the necessary discharge lightness.
During his brief reference to the time frame of cinema twenty years of existence of the picture has become an indisputable example of cinematic quality as among the general number ever and who ever produced feature films, as well as among representatives of the genre "road movie". Many scenes of the film on the strength of its emotional impact and symbolism rightly considered a masterpiece, they can not be erased from the memory (for example, the scene with the dance lesson, which taught Charlie Raymond and follow her kissing scene in the elevator, in the performance of Valeria Golino). And the name Rain man (Rain Man) has already become a household name. . Grand movie masterpiece
10 of 10
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