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In the life of every person there is a memory, the impression of childhood or adolescence - most importantly, that creates it every day and that he would never forget. Charlie Babbitt also has a - a children's resentment at his father and consolation which he found in his imaginary, as it seemed, another - Rain Man. Externally, the viewer sees a selfish careerist, and inside it is the common man who is a past experience. Not without reason at the beginning of the movie his girlfriend, Suzanne asks: 'What happened to the man of the rain?' 'Nothing - I grew up' - meets Charlie. 'Not quite', - said Susanna and she was right
What is this Charlie Babbitt.? No, this is not just a person who is interested in the life of just money. No less it like any ordinary person, interested in love, sincere affection and understanding, but behind the mask of cynicism and indifference, it is difficult to discern. Not only for the sake of the will, he arrived at his father's funeral, but also to find an answer to the question of whether his father ever loved? father's will revive again the old resentment: and then he cheated him, denying him that what he had needed most - money. 'I understand you', - says the physician Raymond. - 'You feel cheated a man who did not know how to express their love. " That this is Charlie
Now another family member appears in his life -. Raymond. However, Charlie he's just a man who unjustly took away his father's love and a father's condition. But from the side, and the truth seems to be that the father was more concerned about the older son - gave him as many as three million, came almost every weekend, paid attention, and Raymond donated books they were signed 'From your loving father. " It is unlikely that Charlie heard this from him. Seeing this thing, Charlie decides to hook or by crook to win back his brother his share. Here are just a fraction of that - his father's condition or his unmanifested love
first Ray just vybeshivaet Charlie - and it can be understood. Who is not annoying people, consisting of one whims and recurring phrases? In addition, it creates the impression that Ray does not care about in this life, except for the maple syrup and the location of the bed in the room. Why this money and even more so - love? He himself something does not feel any emotion. But this is not the case. He just does not know how to express them. The scene in the bathroom proves the opposite. She explained everything and Charlie. Ray - not the imaginary, and the most that neither is a real one - Rain Man. He is the most important childhood memory. And this know nothing about the person for whom keep an eye turns out to look after his younger brother, in his care of him. And this same Raymond, who did not express any emotion, as it turned out, not only to remember everything, but experienced any memorable event as if it was happening to him here and now. And he is still very much going through what was once a very long time have hurt little brother. And the father? Is that because of this, he sent Ray to the hospital, not the highest expression of concern about Charlie? Perhaps, and everything else that went to Ray and Charlie did not get no more than an attempt to compensate for the absence of the eldest son of the family?
It is the realization of all this causes Charlie to reconsider his life. He forgives his father, because he understands that he still loved him very much. Now, 3 million is not so important, because it was something more - Rain Man, his most beloved friend. That is why he is willing to indulge all without question the habits of his brother, knowing that it is not just moods, but a necessity. That is why the repeated phrases do not irritate and cause to try to understand what is behind them, and the unique ability of the subject not only of curiosity, but also surprise and admiration
But Rain Man -. It is not only in the guise of a childhood friend Ray. It is also something living in the soul of Charlie, his childhood experiences, his inner potential of love and care. Rain Man - that's what made it important for Ray
This movie I watched recently and was very moved by it.. Perhaps, after all, because its meaning is impressed by what is in my heart the most. I think it is very realistic, it's not just another fairy tale about how selfish become, for no apparent reason in a loving brother, and the hidden potential in the soul of each of us. Frankly, even shed a few tears when watching this film, and it is always considered shameful to roar on the films that did rarely
about acting not saying -.. Hoffman praises sung for a long time for me
Assess also will not . In my opinion, my review says himself about my impressions.
advise you to see all those who yearned for warmth and cordiality in the movies and in life.

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