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Hollywood loves versatile actors, who can play well as, say, homicidal maniacs, and loving fathers. Alas, not every leader of this noble craft is able to go beyond its role. Especially now, when the division of cinema into different genres, more and more noticeable with each passing year. Either way, world cinema still has up his sleeve a couple of craftsmen who are not afraid and, above all, capable of playing not only in its genre meridian. To this list can be counted among the elite of Tom Hanks, Meryl Streep, but even Arnold Schwarzenegger, unlike his fellow superstars militants tried to the end of the past century did leave in family comedies (and, in my opinion, very well managed). But now I'm by no means a slogan about these multifaceted personalities, but about actors who were jealous of the talent in the late '60s, and all 70th, 80th, 90th and now as well. Of course, I'm on the inimitable, unbeaten in their starring Dustin Hoffman, smile and friendly eyes that warmed more than one intelligent picture. An exemplary father, a prisoner, a man who has become a symbol of America's women dress in red, autistic - he is subject to all! It was the last Hoffman played in "Rain Man».
film by Barry Levinson, first of all, original. No one had ever dared to create a picture of one of the protagonists of which would have been insane people spend their entire lives within the four walls of its kind to him. It is on this challenge and signed Hoffman, the former already a popular and well-known for its excellent skills of the characters. Raymond, his hero, autistic, people with complex mental disorders and is very difficult to communicate with society. Everywhere he sees for himself the potential danger, almost can not stand physical contact and does not make a noise. Amazingly, one of the first Dustin could truly interesting and convey to the audience on the other side of the screen, such as the people live. The image of Raymond, he and the writers did not just unconditionally true, but interesting. He's not just acting strange, not to say, and chattering, his eyes never almost never focus, leaving no way to know what a person thinks, besides all that was possible actor for all 10 out of 10 autistic draws attention to itself for its extraordinary abilities compared to conventional figures. Raymond has an excellent memory of modern computers, remembering almost everything you read. When he gets nervous, he repeats himself a joke classic American humorists, and when he likes a man asked if he had any specific evidence from a doctor. All these small details of the person, the hero fall in love with yourself and do not leave indifferent with respect to the person until the final credits that do not want to part with him. In general, Raymond completely captivates the viewer.
But, if not strange, is not Raymond main face painting, and his brother Charlie, played the notorious Tom Cruise in his best years. He has his whole appearance, all their manners shows the type of young and endlessly arrogant entrepreneurs west end of the 80th: all these cool sunglasses, expensive clothes, a car, apartment and, most importantly, the lack of good heart and conscience for all these treasures and values human of modern life. His radiant white smile at the same time beautiful and insidious, it is not at all able to show the essence of the suit for several thousand banknotes with US presidents. It was such a heartless man without any mercy either drop to the other will have to spend with his mentally ill brother for a week on the way to Los Angeles.
dynamics and atmosphere of the film, I would say, with your permission, a little 'autistic'. The narrative goes rather slowly, the director focuses on nearly every episode, giving us the opportunity to experience fully every quarrel of two such different relatives. All the action is half of the calls Charlie and Raymond, during which the first refuses vehemently understand the deplorable and the sick state of the second, and the second hopelessly agrees with his brother or not listening to him, and half of the obscure American landscapes, which, let's face it, not It shines with its special beauty. Of course, I am not saying that everything is practically no bad speakers. No, it looks good as well as in those days, and now! Just not everyone can enjoy it. And here the music plays one of Hollywood's best composers of all time, Hans Zimmer. This, alas, one of his most forgettable work. I do not know why, but this dull and does uninventive soundtrack flute is simply unable to stand comparison with its future truly epic compositions as, for example, "Gladiator", "The Dark Knight," "Pirates of the Caribbean" in the end .
As a result, the film has turned out, it is not similar to their peers. "Rain Man", unequivocally, become some kind of revolution or evolution (if you do not want big words). The whole crew team proved to the world that it is not obligatory huge budgets for a good movie, numerous characters and endlessly moving action. No, for the four statuettes Oscars and four nominations at him as only need three things: Dustin Hoffman, playing on until the unprecedented and fantastic level of realism, Tom Cruise, excellently showing the change of the human soul from almost lifeless and stone in this by dividing the time only with another person, and, in fact, directed by Barry Levinson, who was able to immerse the viewer still completely in a very personal story of Charlie babbitt, drawing attention to all the important moments in history. Of course, I did not tell about the supporting roles, about the other actors, but it is absolutely not necessary - they are all dwarfs and sends 10 charisma plan and the talent of the main duo, to whom all and obliged to magically charm the awesomeness of this wonderful representative of one of the best and most favorite art form. But especially want to allocate more time Hoffman - he makes of this film is not just a dessert or candy, and currently brilliant gold, so rare and expensive today
9 out of 10.

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