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Time picking up the theme 'Vietnam syndrome' in almost repeating the huge success 'Platoon' film 'Good Morning, Vietnam!', To which he moved from the topic of the conflict 'futlyarnoy people', have failed their 'great American dream' in 'Tin Men' Barry Levinson just reached the peak of his career, becoming a vehicle for the thoughts, aspirations, hopes and sorrows of millions of Americans - in 1988, with the advent of "rain Man" - a strong, deep, soulful film, marvel at this time not only America but the entire world.
'rain Man' ran to onveyer through which went the tape facing the world disabled people with the world of high-grade, mutually enriching these worlds (although this was' The Rain People 'Coppola, but they have left such a powerful loop):' The Awakening ',' Scent of a Woman ',' Forrest Gump ',' I - Sam ', etc. So in a sense, 'Rain Man' became a real landmark, a seminal band. Until now, it is on this movie and know Levinson - it was a huge success, which he repeated and could not and that was not originally very much and believed
There is a version that the idea of ​​the film writers Barry Morrow and Ronald Bass borrowed. in ... Sammy Hung, Barry Wong and Jackie Chan. In 1985, Hung took amazing and quite unusual for himself the film "Heart of the Dragon", which tells about how the younger brother, played by Jackie Chan, is forced to take care of their mentally retarded older brother, played by (and surprisingly well!) Himself Sammy. The film is a touching, sincere, almost completely devoid of "action." Who it turned out better reveal "family relationships" - the Hung or from Levinson - another question, but the conflict, the pitfalls, the moral dilemmas of contrasts, the truth in "Rain Man", of course, more
I must say that scenario. He sharpened by Quaid brothers. But nothing happened to them, then the project appeared Hoffman - as quite sane Charlie. And the role of Raymond invited Jack Nicholson. What would a demon Nicholson in this role, it is difficult, but Hoffman see next to a Nicholson did not want to. Two whimsical genius is not shared set. Sam Hoffman made it a condition that his brother has to play his buddy Bill Murray, which he has already dragged on shooting 'Tootsie'. Murray was not against it, the more that play a psycho like (he later demonstrated this in "What About Bob?", Where he played an autistic ironically). But the producers hesitated, and then he and Hoffman nervous - knew of his hands goes a rare opportunity to show off your gift Lyceum. Raymond - is a whole world, a whole galaxy, freedom for the actor, who wants to demonstrate impeccable technique
Besides Hoffman saw Leslie Lemke -. Blind, autistic, reproduce by ear entire piano concertos and Kim Peak - genius, literally, remembering each of the 15 000 I read books. It is so struck Hoffman, what other roles it ceased to be interested. And producers began to look for someone, though far removed in appearance reminiscent of Hoffman. This "foundling" was Tom Cruise - handsome and a ladies' favorite, who was also very much wanted to prove that he is not only a beautiful smile is capable
Hoffman, as a true follower of the Stanislavsky system, does not tolerate hypocrisy in the roles required to bring the role of a scientific justification. and make Raymond autistic, without any artistic simplifications and conventions. Many days he spent observing autistic and Savannah, live in the role, issuing eventually stunningly authentic image of 'genius idiot', achieving complete fusion with his character. He is so truthful as Raymond, that not only masters in theater universities recommend to watch him play, but also professors of sociology, psychology and psychiatry. Here it is here among us, on the screen - with his eyes by the interlocutor - to nowhere, eyes inquisitive and at the same time empty, the man for whom the world people do not exist, because it is too illogical. We have before us a man named Raymond, which is backed by Hoffman, the actor with merciless insistence to ourselves and others, with a high belief in the art, the truth of life.
For Hoffman, who played one of his best roles, Tom Cruise remains in the shadows although in fact it is the story of Charlie, not Raymond. This he will have to change, to learn to understand and appreciate other people to listen and hear, be responsible, have a family, to escape from loneliness, fear, cure selfishness, cynicism, hypocrisy and endless lies to himself.
His story touched me, I I believed him. Despite the fact that Cruz usually leaves me indifferent. It can easily find a typical inhabitant of the modern metropolis, irritable everything and fixated solely on itself - money-grubber and a liar. I see them every day on the subway. Maybe I'm in something - one of them. And, oddly enough - this is quite sane young man and a man of rain - more than his deranged brother. Raymond is not able to communicate with the world because of his illness, Charlie - conscious misanthrope, he, like Raymond, treats people as things, and it is characterized by a clear system around, and he also built his pathetic little world to be saved from the evils and alarm 'big world', but he does it consciously, with all the opportunities not to be a human function. Cruz was able to disclose the nature of the 'Tin Men', which, in spite of the ambition and gloss - just a fugitive who understands my brother much more than he would have liked. This, incidentally, one of the problems of the film - who is no longer adapted to life in society - or retarded Raymond constantly coming into conflict with himself, Charlie. I liked the reticence with which Cruz played a rage, generosity, unexpected tenderness. For him, as an actor, it was a significant step forward
The film raised a lot of sensitive issues, it does not get corny, does not go into the deep psychological research, but manages not to be unambiguous, flat -. It is due to including non-sleek, rough, coarse, even directing Levinson
in this sense, -. the film was another diagnosis proximity and the simultaneous fragmentation of human relations in a soulless world today. Do not dry medical diagnosis and heartfelt, touching, sincere, true, written in comprehensible human language. Therefore, a film filled with a distinctive atmosphere of America 80, turned out to be still popular masterpiece, one of the best era films. It is the truth of life. Not the US, Russian or Chinese. Just life, where no one no one needs and where you need to go a long way for the acquisition of at least one of a kindred spirit.
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