Racial slurs should be illegal Essay

One day at school in the halls I was talking to some friends and we heard a guy in another group who was white say the "N" word. Everyone heard him but acted as if nothing had happened. Then a black kid walked up to him and asked what he said and the white kid responded, "Sorry bro didn't mean it like that towards you or anyone." The other kids said you shouldn't be saying the "N" word period, no matter how you're using it around other people. Then he walked away and everyone carried on.

"I think people shouldn't say the "N" word period, knowing the history behind it and the attention it brings when whites and other races say it out loud. I believe all racial slurs or degrading comments to another race should be illegal to say in public.

The racial slurs towards Africans Americans date back to the slavery days. The words have been used to degrade blacks and make us feel like we're inferior.

Racial slurs toward Africans Americans cause blacks to:

Remember the injustices of the past (Whites try to control blacks)

In the past blacks were abused and mistreated and their freedoms are taken away. Back then blacks had to face several challenges set to control them. Jim Crow laws, for example, were designed for whites to live better and to keep African Americans down. Jim Crow laws did not allow blacks to go to certain places, sit wherever they wanted, use a clean bathroom or drink clean water from the water fountain. Under the Jim Crow laws, blacks and whites went to better schools and received a better education. During these laws whites also were given good seats at national games and theaters. Another rule set up against blacks was bus segregation in the late 1960s. According to this rule, blacks had to sit in the back of the bus or give up their seats. If you refused to give up your seat to white people you were thrown in jail.

Realize that Racism still exists (Police brutality)

Now a day people act like racism doesn’t exist and that everything that happens is our fault and that’s not true. For example, police brutality is the use of exsessive force and unnecessary force. Police brutality towards blacks changed the way how to feel about them. Because they have been known to use lethal force like exsessive beating with the baton or throwing a non-combatant person to the ground or committing sexual abuse. Verbal mistreatment has not been qualified by police or higher authority but is a difficult case to prove most of the time. All police brutality is not physical though some of it is false arrest and racial profiling. But there has been a way to fight against brutality people have began to use their cell phones to record the incident to alert the world of what's going on. Similarly, the police officers have also began to record themselves to protect themselves from false claims.

Feel "less than" (To understand how it feels)

For a black person to be called a racial slur it makes us hurt and ashamed of who we're and where we came from. It causes us to remember dark painful times where we were dehumanized and devalued. "If I was called the "N" word by a white I would feel hatred for him or her and not want to be around them. I have personally never been called the "N" by anyone and is glad I am able to avoid that type of encounter. If I were called to "N"word it depends on whos saying and if they're trying to get under my skin then I'm going to get upset and "do something about it ".

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