Race Essay

When we hear the word trans, it’s mostly associated with sexuality and gender, however, a disregarded concept has reappeared. The act of associating with a race other than the one you were born into. Identifying with a race that diverges from your ‘birth ethnicity’ is now considered a shape of cultural appropriation. Known as Trans-racialism, one of the most controversial matters today.

In 2015 Caitlyn Jenner uncovered her actual character to the world. While her body, her cells, her DNA said one sexual orientation, her brain was shouting another; she was female, and expected to live accordingly so as to be her "authentic self”.

Obviously, there were, and are, those who attacked Bruce Jenner and called his change to Caitlyn Jenner "unnatural", that, as Barry Humphries so gently put it she didn't be anything more than "a mutilated man". Generally, we acknowledged the previous Olympic decathlete's entitlement to embrace that progress as a transgender lady. Grants were given, deals signed, and magazine covers posted.

Near that same time, the storm surfaced. Rachel Dolezal, 41, president of the NAACP - National Association for the Advancement of Colored People – previously, began this phenomenon the day she identified as a trans-racial member. In the year 2015, Dolezal made a public appearance as a ‘white’ woman who is pretending to be ‘black’ while is actually of German origin. Dolezal argues that the idea of race is truly a ‘social construct’ and that individuals are allowed to identify with whomever they are most comfortable with. Paradoxically, Dolezal also asks that trans-racialism is accepted as a real thing.

Repercussion surfaced instantly.

Rachel was instantly criticized for her belief that she has the choice to immerse herself inside black politics, societies and proficiencies despite her light skinned tone. Dolezal even stated that she is raising two black sons, however that was not convincing for some as she is still saddened by the stigmatization she is facing.

Many argue that Dolezal is a dishonest woman since she claimed to be black instead of declaring she identifies, as a black woman while is racially white. Whereas, many view Dolezal’s situation ordinary as they sympathize with her and categorize her as if she is a transgender woman. Shortly after the matter spread through the tabloids, people began to express their opinions honestly describing race as a fictional aspect of culture that is based by the society and not our biology.

Back in 1889, Charles W. Chesnutt, a writer, proposed a question that was directed at the maladjusted law that allowed the individual to change their race by crossing a state line that separates between North Carolina and South Carolina; ‘How is a man black in the state of North Carolina but white in the state of South Carolina?’

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