Race Racism And Social Work Essay


Discuss about the Racism.


Racism has always been an alarming issue in the social work practice (Lavalette & Penketh, 2014). It is a social worker’s job to actively participate in eliminating racial discrimination. However as a public sector staff they often face the discrimination themselves. Adrian is no different. Being from Sudan working in Melbourne, Adrian is facing severe challenges in his job primarily because of his ethnic diversity. He has been a subject to discrimination because of his racial and ethnic identity. The clients treat him differently and develop a misunderstanding and distance with him.

He could adopt multiple strategies in order to address and prevent those issues. As a social worker Adrian first has to find out what are the policies his employer have to handle such situations, if there is not any presently he must approach to his authority in order to implement a strategy so that not only him, other staff can get justice (Naswdc.org, 2017). The responsible person who is looking after the issues will suggest what needs to be done in any particular situation. If anything serious occurs Adrian needs to be calm and remove himself from there quickly. He can carry such protective elements like an alarm which he would activate during any emergency. He needs to report the incident and if he could record the incident in any way by using his mobile phone or other, this will act as the primary document in his favor. The authority will take necessary steps to protect him or other victims and can work accordingly so that it does not get repeated. Adrian must not visit sensitive areas alone, especially in those places where he has already had a bad experience. He must influence the authority to evaluate the risks and deciding upon more effective strategies in order to tackle the incidents individually.


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