Race of the angels Essay

The race of the angels. That is how we have been known for the thousands of years we have lived on earth. Each of us can bear the trait the Angel has passed down to us. We have been the peacekeepers of the world. Protecting the mundanes from the demons that manifest in this world, but as children, we were taught that the greatest rule we had to follow was to never fall in love. It was a forbidden fruit of the Umbrahunters. No one really knew what happened, but there sure are a lot of rumors. We can be stripped of our gifts, exiled, or we could even die. So it is crucial for our survival to never fall in love. It was the night of Samhain. The night of the most demon activity of the year. I live in Los Angeles, so there are more demons than that of most cities. I was patrolling the area around the institute where I live. All the Umbrahunters live in them. They are old churches that look like an 18th-century church that has been run down to the point of no return, but that is all just a glamor. As I was patrolling the beach, I encountered a shinigami. A god of death in Japanese lore. They were incredibly rare in this area. I began to walk towards it with my blade out. Her name was Cortana. I was about to cut the shinigami in half with her when it took off. It was carrying something behind it. I realized it was a mundane girl. She was unconscious. I unfolded my wings and launched myself off the ground with a loud whooshing sound. I flew through the sky and chased the shinigami. I finally caught up to him and we both were hovering in midair. He looked at me with those beady glowing red eyes. ¨Me or the girl.¨ He said, as he was circling me",¨If you want to kill me, the girl dies. If you save the girl I will get away. You're choice Umbrahunter.¨ I was confused as to what he was saying. With my sword raised, I decided to charge him. It was a mistake. He dropped the girl, and I was forced to make a split second decision. The girl or shinigami. I decided to go after the girl, but I don't know why. My job was to kill demons and let mundanes take care of themselves, so why was I chasing after this girl before she hit the water? Right before she hit the water I was able to envelop her in my wings. We glided across the top of the water, just barely staying above. In a matter of seconds, we were back on the beach. I took her back to the Institute and lay her in the bed of a guest room. No one lived here with me. I was just a 17-year-old living on my own. No brothers or sister. No living relatives. They all died in a battle 5 years ago. I was only twelve. Now I am on my own. For three days after I sat by the bed of the girl to keep her safe. I don't know why. I just felt compelled. I should have been patrolling for demons, not sitting here with this pitiful mundane. Yet, she wasn't all that pitiful. There was something about her that just radiated strength. I must have been going crazy. As I was getting up to leave, I heard a rustling from the bed. I looked over and she was awake and looking at me with piercing blue eyes. I could tell she looked lost, but at the same time, she looked like she belonged. Her tousled hair thrown to one side, pale skin glowing in the light of the sunrise. She looked perfect. ¨Where am I",¨ she asked looking around in confusion. ¨You are in the Institute of an Umbrahunter.¨ She glanced around perplexed by what she saw. She was in a bed she had never slept and in a room with a man who looked like he had walked through the underworld. I sat, waiting for her to say something. All she did was stare at me. I was beginning to feel a bit uncomfortable. I got up to leave. ¨ There are clothes on top of the dresser for you to change into.¨ I then began to walk out of the room. As I did, I heard her yelp in pain. I turned around and she was trying to get out of bed. It looked like she was in pain. I then realized that her arm was broken. How stupid of me to not notice. I walked over to ask her if she was ok. ¨It hurts, and I don't know how I will change.¨ She looked like she was honestly dismayed. I walked over to her and began to help her get dressed. As I turned back around I saw she had two long scars along the outside of her shoulder blades. Then reality came crashing down on me. She was mundane. How could she see me? How was she inside the church? Too many things began racing through my mind. I just finished helping her when I ran out of the room. I found myself seconds later on the roof. It was beautiful outside. Los Angeles sunsets are almost the most beautiful thing I have seen. I looked up into the sky above my head. Then, I took off. Flying through the sky I had no other thoughts than that of the wind on my skin. I flew for what felt like hours, but I know it was only minutes. I landed at the doors of the institute. I had to prepare myself to walk in and see her. I walked in and it looked like a different place, somehow it was happier. The place looked like it was glowing. The windows were open and there was a pleasant smell coming from the kitchen. I walked over and she was cooking. Her arm was in a sling and she was dressed and put together. Something was sizzling on the stove and it smelled delicious. I walked over to her to see what she was cooking and was pleased. It had been years since I last had a bacon cheeseburger. She then realized that I was standing right next to her and jumped back, dropping a burger on the floor. ¨I'm so sorry. I clean it up right away",¨ she said while looking distressed. ¨Don't worry about it",¨ I said while grabbing the cleaning supplies. It was something that I use to do all the time. That is when I use to cook. I stopped about two years ago. I just never have the motivation anymore. ¨Dinner is ready.¨ She plated the burgers and sat down on the couch. I took my plate and walked over to sit right next to her. Am I going crazy? It's like a rush of emotion has suddenly come over me. I pushed away from my thoughts and began to eat my burger. It had been so long since I last had something other than takeout. The rest of the night went by in a blur. I showed her the room she would be staying in, it was right next to mine. We got ready and went to bed without one word said to each other. I wanted to talk to her so bad but I couldn't. I felt like I would have been intruding on her alone time. The next morning I was awoken by a sweet smell. I thought that this was getting out of hand. I didn't need a maid to cook each meal for me. I am fully capable of taking care of myself, but a part of me was happy for it. As off this is what I have needed my whole life. I pushed the thought down and decided to skip breakfast. I went straight to the library and studied the laws on saving mortals. I couldn't really find anything other than we were supposed to nurse them back to health and then never speak to them again. I found this rule so stupid. I slammed the book shut and looked up getting ready to storm out of the library. As I did, she walked in. ¨Thank you for saving me",¨ she said while looking at the floor",¨ it means a lot. I was just trying to take a walk on the beach and that shinigami attacked me.¨ I was stunned that she knew what type of demon that was. ¨How did you know what type of demon that was",¨ I asked puzzled. ¨I was once an Umbrahunter too. I broke one of the most powerful laws and had all my gifts stripped from me. It was incredibly painful. They said that the only reason I survived was that the Angel blessed me. Most of the time people die, the chance of survival is so low that it has not happened in the past 300 years. I passed out for the week after that. When I finally came to nothing was as I remembered. I could walk around my home town without being called names. Laura the last lover. That was the most popular, and because of my crime, it was a perfect fit. I had to leave France to a place where no one knew who I was. So I moved here. To the other side of the world.¨ She took a deep breath and sat down right next to me. ¨ So that's what happens when you love someone",¨ I said in a whisper. She just nodded her head and looked ashamed. I moved closer and drew her to my chest. I understood, For some reason, I knew exactly how she was feeling in that exact moment. It was as if I shared her emotions, but that was impossible. I wasn't supposed to feel this kind of thing. I looked at her and smiled, something I hadn't done in years. Why is it that something so forbidden is something that the heart yearns for more than anything. The next few months went by in a routine. We would wake up, she would make breakfast, we would scout for demons, and every Friday we would go out for dinner. It went on like this for a couple of months. Then one day, I got a letter. It was asking that the head of the Los Angeles report to the council of elders. I was confused as to why they wanted to see me. I had broken no laws. So I reported. As I was landing in the city where the council lived I was nervous. I had no clue what wrongs I had committed against the Angel. While walking to the great hall I could think of nothing. All I could remember was saving that girl. Isn't that what the Angel would have wanted? I had no more time to think. I was at the doors to the great hall. They towered above me, standing almost 40 feet tall. Right as I was about to touch the doors, they began to swing open. I walked in and stood in the center of the great room. The roof overhead could not be seen. It was so far up I not sure I could even fly up there. On the second floor inside each arc sat one elder. They all wore a hood that hid their identity. When they spoke, it was as if they were talking in unison. ¨Lucas SilverHallow. You have been charged with the highest possible offensive against the Angel. Falling in love and taking your emotions. Do you know why this is such a high crime",¨ he sternly asked. Before I could answer he continued.¨ The reason we are forbidden from having emotion is that it takes them away from the mundane. Each day spent that you have emotions, is a day that a mundane loses theirs. We are here to protect them from the monsters, not turn them into one.¨ When they finally finished speaking it was as off the entire world had turned black and white. I felt like I was going to pass out. Through the fog in my mind, I vaguely heard that I would be stripped of my angelic power. Then, I passed out. I was in a chair in the great hall. I had no clue what was going on. Then it hit me like a wave crashing onto the shore. I was being stripped of my gifts. The only people who were there were the Elders and her. Laura. Was she here to watch with enjoyment. No. I could tell she was drug here. She had chains around her wrist and a gag on her mouth. She was forced to watch me be stripped. I wanted to call out to her, and when I finally came to full consciousness, I felt pain. So searing hot it felt like being dipped into a bath of flames. I felt my wings being torn from my back my eyes being sealed by a glue that would strip me of my sight to see anyone who would not willingly reveal themselves to me. My side was brandished with the mark of angels wings with a arrow pinning them down. It was the symbol of traitors. I knew what pure anguish felt like at that moment. Then I felt Lauras persencse standing over me. She was crying. I reached up to wipe her tears away, but my arms would not move. I was barely breathing. I knew that I had caused her pain because I saved her, but she was alive. That was all that mattered to me. With my last breath, I could take I pushed out three words. ¨I love you",¨ I then slipped into the arms of death. I know I wrote more than 5 pages, but I wanted to finish my story.

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