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Okay therefore I posted this into /r/germany and ended up being told to publish it right here, therefore I'm reposting it!

Background info: i am a 16-year-old guy and I also are now living in Slovakia. Slovakia is actually near Austria so I've been going to an Austrian sentence structure college the past 2.5 years. I arrived here without once you understand any German with the intention to catch up and now I'm on point where I am able to easily study in German. However, there clearly was still one issue — composing essays in German. I am a fantastic journalist, but grammar keeps messing up my grades. It was once alright whenever exams lasted only 1 hour, because we would write shorter texts and I also couldn't do as many errors, but now every exam persists 2 hours and we need certainly to write one 350+ terms and one 150+ terms long essay, meaning that there's lots of area in making grammar errors. I usually get a positive grade for content for the very first and second essay, but I get a 5 for sentence structure, because i can not give attention to grammar once the clock's ticking and my language is still quite shitty .If you have got a 5 in any of these 3 grades, you immediately fail the ensure that you get a standard grade 5. So my real question is: how do i simplify my essays therefore I wont make as many errors? I always compose super long, complicated sentences with numerous commas and plenty of dass, weil, daher, deshalb an such like. and often bang up the dwelling of a sentence, helping to make me personally lose points. I also provide problems with articles and I frequently avoid using the best term to spell it out why — I know that people things don't have any «instant fix» but I'd simply want you to give me personally some methods for writting essays so they really are as simple as possible, with out many space in order to make mistakes. Like a «general structure» that we could keep in mind and follow.

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