Questionnaire For MBA Programme Admission Essay


Discuss About The Questionnaire For MBA Programme Admission?



The experience of working in a public company mixed with an MBA degree would enable an individual to sharpen the skills required for growth and development

This is the ideal time for a career-oriented person to aim for advancement in his career through promotions and an MBA degree would make him stand out from the rest.

Can communicate the thoughts to put plans into action very easily and have good team management skills. Have the ability to take prompt decisions.

Attention to detail and thereby take more time than what is usual for others, has been the major weakness.

University of Melbourne provides an intensive experience, primarily designed for maximum career impact. The course curriculum helps to develop intense knowledge and an adaptive mindset. Their unique Personal Effectiveness Program, helps in providing leadership, career development and exposure to regular visits from the CEOs and business leaders (Osborne and Brown 2013).

This stage of the career is ideal to seek for further growth and development which is only possible through attaining a degree like MBA.

As a team leader in the present organization, team handling has always been my forte. Have the experience of tackling people of different mentalities and attitudes in an efficient and successful manner. Good coordination with the higher management helped to attain team’s success on numerous occasions. The tenure has helped to learn new stuffs and get matured as an individual.

Managing budgets require an individual to be precise with utilization of the essential resource, which is money. The work profile in the organization provided an opportunity to manage budgets with regard to project management. The funds were utilized in an efficient manner, by segregating the amount according to the magnitude of work.

The experience gathered from work experience would allow an individual to understand the psyches of other team members, the way one should behave with the project managers and manage client requests. These instances would add value, make an individual grow and help him realize the importance of group activities and the learnings acquired from them. Thus, the individual is better prepared for group work and learning.

After attaining the graduation degree, ideal scenario for any individual would be to see himself working in an organization which provides him the platform to showcase his skills, nurture them and help him grow.

In three years after graduation, an individual would like to see himself in a situation to tackle complex projects and gradually attain a position in Higher Management Level.

The University of Melbourne’s Personal Effectiveness Program and regular visits from CEOs would allow to seek additional knowledge regarding corporate culture and make a person ready to take on challenges when he joins a company (Griffin, Care and McGaw 2012).

With 12 years of work exposure in an international MNC, having good command over English language, MBA degree would provide an ideal platform to seek for quick growth and development.

University of Melbourne’s Personal Effectiveness Program along with the Integrated Entrepreneurial Mindset curriculum are the aspects that have appealed the most.


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