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Man chooses a direction. Man accelerated. It rushes headlong. All human life - it is running, and the proverbial choice dispel ashes philosophical conversations minds of the past and the present rests on his shoulders drooping. Living life, he will determine the direction of the vector of its own run -. 'On' or 'for'
Such complicated fable component Award-winning director Michael Mann their offspring, give birth first show, and then the full-length film. Shining significant encrypted message, the movie never tires distinctive quality at the time of production, which has incorporated the thriller mixed with militant action. Without a doubt, the picture is the director's Magnum opus of at opposite ends of the "System" elements, thanks to the coordinated cinematic set opposite each other so that the very mechanism of the process of work, - which are sealed tightly soul and body - appeared before the audience in a giant disguise invincible giant, beast with many faces, each of which favors the millions of receivers and hovers over billions of followers. Animated social mechanism for manipulating the equilibrium of their heritage to paint tones of human lives in the "bad" category or the "good" hanging over the audience throughout the show, and this is the timelessness of the film, fits perfectly into the modern world seemingly far removed ahead of cinema. Mann soldered to the script idea to revive the banal story of confrontation between the two clusters, the "System" fragments, and the idea of ​​this formula is the lack of insignia. Directed convinces the viewer that unjust to do, and each performs its accounts for its segment of society, a function (for example, the formation of the justice system, with all its branches due to the presence of negative elements of society, which, in turn, do not develop somewhere outside of the reproduction cycle, but purely as a reaction to the same enslaved masses of the structure). And in all this hopeless cycle of a person decides that he has the choice, rushes over the ownership of the label, and serve him faithfully, lovingly fulfilling their corresponding with the task.
situation of the protagonist, which played very expressively to fit into the picture of Al Pacino, perfectly illustrates how bound up in even seemingly functioning properly, a positive element of the justice system - in order to become a favorite - the person loses the right to divide itself between her and her personality, loses himself. Suffers deserved no better a proud woman, deeply felt sense of loss of demand in their own family, which is debatable, is a consequence of the equivalent protagonist favorite status in its social structure of the sector. Love does not cost anything in such a world. She drowned in the depth of dedication of each of its business, crushed imaginary belief in responsibility, and God forbid, get in the way of a fanatic as a pointed social mosaic. Where rationality reigns in half with a demanding responsibility, there can be no love. insensitive system, it eats man, robbing him last right to love one's neighbor. And also, it does not escape, having absorbed the individuality, the system does not let woven into it, because the audience from the very beginning predictable expect just such a finale in which the director completes the picture.
Measure movie confrontation judge the moral character of despair stands Natalie Portman - worthless, useless girls born from the symbiosis of these two complementary elements, but refused to be part of this 'balance'. After all, in the offspring in fact there is not even a hint of a choice, not to mention the ability to break out of the cycle of debt of the world order, in which you have soldered from birth. Not afford to play in the distillation "for" status, and denying themselves "from" running in saving the world infantile oblivion odnogodok, fancy simplifies existence (which, of course, would have saved her, but echoes reminded themselves known in later life as it happens with a huge mass of humanity), she is horrified own doomed to loneliness and the only way out becomes a suicide.
De Niro's character has the same qualities as the character Pacino, but they mixed with the desire to get rid of a little blood, with the most the maximum benefit for themselves abandoning nurtured his cradle, which, of course, unacceptable for such a subordination level (read, dirtier). In the end, it also betrays its own status, inability to give up the responsibilities entrusted to the individual to take his place. And love, is already serving as a motif from a certain moment of history, again hidden behind a mass of bizarre shadows personal: renounce revenge, muffling the voice of the heart, of the debt, and balance what is happening hero Robert De Niro is just not able
noteworthy that the film is not falling apart. under the pressure of so many first-class actors, capable of single-handedly pull a single reel, and this should thank Mann as a writer who has made a great job on the script. Each character is the history of its actions highlights the name of the hero, representing one or the other camp conflict side, framed it, complementing the image rendering. They're both warriors, and everyone loves the vector is bound, hence originates their deep respect for each other, good-natured acceptance of equal in strength opponent, cool fight between two dogs, nurtured the "system" to the extent of free slave, as openly stated by scene with a final handshake. Just someone who runs 'over' is able to run a segment on the life of the line slightly longer than your opponent
Such tragedies of lives trapped miroukladom working for themselves, have long been known:. Origins, rooted in mythologies of peoples, penetrating into the tragedy of the classics, ripping upholstery expensive headset emasculated rooms present, have been and will remind of itself. Changing surroundings, and we did run, breaking the neck. Not for a second did not weaken the grip of attention. Becoming the best in the holding of the grip. Competing for these indicators. And leaving offspring confidence in the righteousness of their own choice.
9 out of 10

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